Mommy & Me in the Poppy Fields in Oregon

July 24, 2018

Mommy & Me Session at Poppy Fields in Oregon

My friend Claudia and I were hanging out, watching our kids play at the park, and she told me about these poppy fields in Oregon that she saw in Instagram. They’re just outside of Portland. We both immediately fell in love with them and decided we HAD to check them out. So the very next evening we threw together some outfits, drove an hour to get there, and found the most magical place I’ve ever seen.


This place is better than Disneyland.

Claudia and her youngest son were the perfect subjects, and the sky was just so beautiful this day. It was like a dream!

2020 Update: These poppy fields no longer exist, but I’d love to photograph your family in a wildflower field in Oregon City or the wildflowers out in the Gorge.

The Clothing

We thought the yellow would look amazing against the red poppies, so we decided on this beautiful yellow maxi dress from Shop + Teal Garcia. I’m pretty obsessed with Shop + Teal Garcia, I get most of my dresses for my client closet there! I actually recently talked to the owner and she gave me a 20% off discount code to share with my clients: BECCAJEAN so feel free to use it!

Her son’s outfit is something we put together last minute, using this shirt from Old Navy, shorts she already had, and some gray suspenders I found at a baby consignment shop. I’m all about buying kids clothing second hand, as my kids are always ruining their clothes! My daughter is super crafty so there’s usually glitter glue stuck to hers, and my son loves to roll around in the dirt so… yeah.

Well… on to the photos!

Mom giving poppy to toddler boy in Oregon

Mom kissing son on the cheek with field behind

Mom and toddler looking out at Poppy Fields

ring of fire photography technique This technique is called Ring of Fire, and it’s done by shooting through a copper pipe. It looks best when the sun is really low in the sky.

Mom and toddler boy in Poppy Fields I accomplished this one by shooting through a crystal chandelier ring. My aperture was at f/5 for this because if you’re opened up too much, the reflection fills the entire frame and blocks your subject.

Mom and toddler kissing with Poppy flowers surrounding them

Family walking together with fields of poppies and farm in distance

Mom in yellow dress holding hand of toddler wearing suspenders - Poppy Fields in Oregon

Mom kissing son's hand in Poppy Fields

Portland Oregon family laughing together His face here! lol.

Closeup of a bee inside a pink poppyThis bee was stuck inside this poppy for at least 10 minutes. His buzzing alerted me to his presence.

Mom kissing son sitting in front of red poppies

Toddler boy sitting in poppy field

Toddler boy sitting in flowers with the focus on his feetTiny toes.

Mom holding toddler as he jumps up

Poppy Fields in Oregon

Photo of me (photographer) in purple dress in Poppy Fields in OregonIt’s me! Claudia is also a photographer so she took a few shots of me while we were out. So that means I did her entire session wearing a wrap dress… I’m pretty sure I flashed her about 20 times but luckily I had shorts on underneath ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have both the yellow dress that Claudia was wearing and also my purple velvet dress available in my client closet. Also the suspenders.

These fields are only in bloom around the month of July, but August brings sunflowers and Dahlias! Message me if you’d like a flower field session, as they are currently my favorite!


Hi, what is the actual name of this poppy field near Silverton Oregon?
How much do you charge for photo session?
What is the best time to see the full bloom?

Thank you

They planted corn last year so itโ€™s gone now ๐Ÿ™ We do have other really gorgeous locations that I love to shoot at though. Let me know if youโ€™d like a session and I can send you my location guide. My prices are on my website here:

This looks beautiful. I know you said they bloom in July, but if I go towards the end of May, will I be able to see any flowers at all?

I don’t think so, no. Sorry!!