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When you book your session with me in the Portland area, you automatically gain access to any clothing in my client closet. I want couples and families to be able to wear beautiful dresses and really cute outfits to their photo session, and I’ve made it super easy to accomplish that by creating a client closet for my clients to make use of.

What is Inside the Client Closet?

My client closet has women’s dresses and clothing for kids newborn to teen. I also have a handful of men’s shirts. I am constantly adding new clothing, so the best way to see what is available is to check out my Pinterest board. It’s categorized by size so you can easily find what you need.

How Does it Work?

I would suggest starting with the women first. Once you look through what is available, send me your favorite 3-5 options and I will give you more info about each item (measurements, if it’s stretchy or not, etc.). We will narrow it down to the best options. From there, I can put together some different combos for your family that will go together, or you can look through and see what you like for other members of your family. Typically I will bring at least two options just to give us a backup if something doesn’t fit. You’re also welcome to set up a time to try them on, as well. I have a changing tent and can meet you close to the 205 freeway between Mall 205 and Clackamas Town Center. Try-ons can only be scheduled on weekday mornings/afternoons before 1pm.

On the day of your session, I bring everything clean and freshly steamed, along with a changing tent so you can change on location. 

Book Your Session and Gain Access to my Client Closet

Access to my client closet is complimentary when you book a session with me. Get more info on pricing or send me a message to book your session. I look forward to planning with you! 

What’s inside?

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