Family Photos in the Oregon Poppy Fields

July 26, 2018

Family Session in Oregon Poppy Fields

This family put together outfits in less than 12 hours for this last minute frolic in this Oregon poppy field! (2020 Update: This poppy field no longer exists, but if you’re looking for some great flower fields close to PDX, check out Wildflowers in the Columbia Gorge or this Wildflower Field in Oregon City.)

@chelseehood┬áis a little bit of amazing. This was our first time meeting each other and it felt like we’d been friends for years, we had just a great and relaxed session. Her girls are so sweet and silly, and her husband was super chill (even when he got flower petals stuffed in his mouth! Lol). Be sure to check out her blog, The House of Hood.

Here are some of my favorites from the session…

Family of four hugging - portland oregon family photographer

photography in poppy fields in oregon

two little girls holding hands with parents behind them - Poppy fields of pink and red

Little girls running in field of poppies in Oregon

Sisters kissing in Poppy fields in oregon

Family of four standing in a field of flowers in portland oregon - Oregon Poppy Fields

Sweet girls in field of red poppies

Toddler girl looking at camera- Oregon Poppy Fields

Sisters giving flower to each other

Dad giving poppy to daughterI’m so in love with this mustard dress! It’s a 4t and available to borrow from my client closet.

Mom and daughters in poppy field in Oregon

Little girl with poppy flower petal in mouth

Mom and her daughters in Oregon Poppy Fields

Dad and his two daughters in a poppy field in Portland Oregon

See? I wasn’t kidding about the flowers getting stuffed in his mouth. lol.

Family standing in Oregon Poppy Fields

Dad carrying two daughters - Portland Oregon family photographer

Dad holding toddler baby girl with poppy fields behind them

Little girl in red dress spinning in field of red poppies - Oregon Poppy Field

toddler girls blowing on flowers like they're dandelions - Oregon Poppy Fields

They may have thought these would work the same as dandelions. So cute.

Mom holding daughter in a poppy field in oregon

Daughter kissing mom while standing in Oregon fields of poppies

Mom holding daughter in poppy fields

Couple smiling at each other with poppies surrounding them

Parents looking at each other and hugging in Oregon red Poppy Fields with sunset behind them

Toddler walking through Oregon Poppy Fields