PDX family photos - mom and toddler boy with sun shining behind them

PDX Family Photos in the Winter

Winter PDX Family Photos

“Now give each other some love!” I yelled as Kristianna and Philip threw their arms around their boys for a quick cuddle. That lasted about 1.5 seconds before the two brothers ran off again to find out what mysteries might be hiding just behind the next tree.

This is how most sessions go with little kids, especially ones with as much energy as these two! But this is to be expected and it just makes the sweet moments that much more special, don’t you think?

The wind was blowing like crazy when we first got there, and we were a little worried that the kids might be too cold because wind + cold temps are not my favorite. But once we walked to the spot, the trees blocked almost all the wind! The sun helped to keep us warm and I’m really loving all of these bare trees with the sun shining through. And look at Kristianna’s amazingly beautiful hair!

Mom in a raspberry Baltic Born dress cuddling with her family - PDX family photos

Outfitting the family for photos

Kristianna did such a great job on their outfits, and it all came together so well. Her dress is from Baltic Born, which is one of my favorite websites for women’s dresses. The little boys are wearing Cat & Jack sweaters. Originally the boys had different sweater options, but after a few texts back and forth, she decided to go with these and I just love the texture that they add to their outfits.

The Photos

mom and son playing and laughing on a sunny winter day
Little boy hugging onto moms legs
Mom kissing boys cheek during family photos

Dads always know how to harness the toddler energy and get the giggles.

Dad and his toddler boy laughing together - PDX family photographer
Dad scooping up his two boys in PDX
Dad and his kids laughing and playing
Family with two boys tickling and laughing
Family sitting on a blanket, dad holding youngest up in the air
Mom playing with toddler son, holding him like an airplane - pdx family photos
Mom kissing toddler boy on cheek
mom holding toddler son while she walks through field
brothers sitting togethr on blanket, brothers running through field
Family of four sitting on a blanket in the winter near PDX

These two together ????. When Kristianna booked me, she mentioned that despite hardships, she and her husband were still very much in love after eight years, and hoped that could be seen in the photos. Nailed it!

mom and dad couple hugging and looking at each other
Family of four on a sunny winter day near PDX
Family ticking each other - PDX family photos
family walking together, family cuddling and laughing

Love these two shots to finish out the session. This last image was on the walk back to the car and the boys STILL had so much energy. They wanted to run and to race. Kristianna and I were chatting a bit and the boys were farther ahead, and I grabbed this fun shot. I feel like it is just SO them.

Dad holding toddler son, mom walking while family plays in the distance

“We absolutely love the photos and are very happy with how everything turned out.” – Kristianna

Looking for your own photographer?

Hopefully after looking through these family photos near PDX you have a pretty good idea of how my sessions go and how much fun families can have together during photo sessions! I would love to create a fun experience for your family, with beautiful photos that will remind you of your fun day together. You can find out more about pricing and packages or go directly to my calendar to book your date. If you have further questions, feel free to send me a message!

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