Mom hugging son in front of yellow wildflowers during photography session in the columbia river gorge near Mosier, Oregon

Wildflower Photography Sessions in the Columbia River Gorge near Portland, Oregon

Now Booking Wildflower Photography Sessions in The Gorge for Families and Couples

I know it’s still winter, but I decided to start planning now for wildflower season in the Columbia River Gorge. Spring is just around the corner (or so I like to tell myself)! I’ve opened up the last weekend in April/first weekend in May for anyone wanting to book beautiful wildflower photography sessions there. I’ll be only booking one session each morning or evening, so you’ll get my full attention and have the best light possible. Read on for more details about the location, what is included, how to prepare, and pricing.

wildflower photography sessions

What location will the wildflower sessions be at?

I’ve decided on such a gorgeous and unique location! It’s in Mosier, Oregon which is only about an hour and 20 minutes from Portland, and it’s probably the closest place to see the wildflowers in The Gorge. What I love about it is not only all the yellow, orange, and purple wildflowers, but also the really awesome trees, the view of the mountains, and the river that can be seen in the background. There also is little walking involved, as the spot is very close to parking. Yes, there is a cliff here, but we can also stay closer to the parking area and still get beautiful flowers without being close to the cliff.

There is also the option to drive about 7 minutes up the road to another viewpoint that is a bit higher up and has another amazing view. There just aren’t trees so it’s more of an open field of wildflowers. We can discuss your preference once you’ve booked. We can even go to both if you’re up for it!

boys with arms around shoulders standing in a field of wildflowers

When will these sessions be held?

The available dates will be from Thursday April 29th through Sunday May 2nd 2021. There will be only one session booked each morning and evening to make sure everyone will have the best light and will have plenty of time for sweet and beautiful moments together. 

wildflower photography sessions dates availability for April and May 2021

What is included in the photography session?

Clothing and Styling: Anyone booking wildflower photography sessions with me will be getting full access to my client closet so you can borrow any of the hundreds of dresses and outfits I have for women and children. It makes everything easier when you don’t have to worry about buying clothing, waiting for something to ship to you only to find out it doesn’t fit, or driving to countless stores to find something that will look good during a photo session. I know what looks good and I will help you style everyone! And if you’d rather purchase your own outfits, I can help you find cohesive outfits for everyone, create style boards, and send links to items online that I think you’ll love.

Client Closet outfit ideas from a portland photograper

Below is an example of a style board I put together using the dad’s existing outfit and items from my client closet:

A Relaxed and Fun Experience: You and your loved one(s) will be given the space to relax and just be yourselves, while receiving gentle direction from me. Usually the session starts out with me being more involved, giving you fun games to play and things to do together to get you laughing and interacting. But as you get more comfortable, I’ll also be stepping back to let you do your thing. We can play music while you dance, run around, cuddle, and let the kids explore the area. I tailor each session depending on your energy, level of comfort, and ages of children if they are involved. I want it to be the best experience and authentic to you!

Scenery of the Columbia River Gorge during wildflower season

Beautiful Photographs: Within two weeks of your session, you’ll be receiving an online gallery filled with all the best images from your session. You don’t need to make any hard decisions, you’ll get them all! There will be over 50 images that you are free to download and share with friends and family. Your online gallery will also have a built-in store where you have the option to order high-quality, professional photo prints, canvases, photo albums, and more. The ordering process is easy and my hope is that you will get your photos printed and up on your walls. You will also be getting a print release if you choose to order prints elsewhere but I can only guarantee the quality if printed through my professional lab.

Closeup of woman cuddled with her husband

What are some tips for preparing for our session?

Make a fun weekend out of it. Since it’s a bit of a drive, you may want to book an overnight stay somewhere close… maybe at an airbnb in Hood River or a hotel in The Dalles. Then enjoy a fun weekend of hiking and exploring the beautiful Columbia River Gorge scenery!

Let the kids be kids! If you’re booking a family session, the best way to get authentic interaction and happy kids is to just let them be themselves. If they are being silly, let them. If they want to explore, explore with them. Don’t get them in trouble for anything during the session, as we want happy kids, not sad ones. Everything will go more smoothly if you just follow their lead, and I’ll help direct them and introduce fun ideas to get them into the positions we want. You just get to focus on loving on them and leave everything else to me. To read more about this subject, check out this blog post.

Plan to go out for a treat afterwards. Not as a bribe, but as a way to keep the fun going! Tell the family that you’re having a day of fun, which includes family fun time during your photo session, and a trip to the ice cream shop after. How many times can I use fun in a sentence? 😆

Get there early. My last tip is to get to the location a little early. If you’re nice and prepared and ahead of schedule, you will be much calmer and in turn so will everyone else. So give yourselves more time than you think you’ll need to get ready. Trust me.

tween boy climbing on fallen tree in the gorge during spring wildflower season

How do we book Wildflower Photography Sessions with you?

You can book a wildflower session with me directly from my booking page on my website (be sure to scroll down to the wildflower sessions section). You can also message me first if you’d like more info or have specific questions.

Please keep in mind that these are only for immediate families and couples. 

Mom and son during wildflower photography session

April/May 2021


Wildflower Photo Sessions

Sessions take around 60 minutes.

• Full online gallery (50+ images) with capability to order additional gorgeous professional quality prints

• Assistance with wardrobe styling

• Access to client closet

• Immediate family or couples only

Book Now

Price: $899

Location : MOSIER, Oregon

$300 retainer due at booking, balance due before session

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