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Are We a Good Fit? How to Choose the Best Family Photographer for You

Am I the best family photographer for you?

I’ll admit that when I started this photography journey, I had no idea what kind of people I wanted to work with yet, or what type of photographer I wanted to be. But doing this for 10 years has taught me some things and now I feel quite qualified to help you figure out if I’m the best family photographer for you, if our goals align, and if we will get along! Read on to figure out if we will be a good fit.

Best family photographer portland oregon

You might be my client if…

You Love The Beautiful Oregon Landscape

Portland is ridiculously beautiful, and I have found the best spots around! My clients don’t mind driving an extra 15-30 minutes for that perfect location.

Family sitting on blanket together tickling each other - Portland photographer

You Value Connection Over Perfection

What I’m looking for in my photos is genuine connection between family members. Laughter, cuddles, lots of eye contact between loved ones, tons of closeness, and naturally occurring candid moments. I could care less about getting tons of perfectly posed images of everyone looking at the camera. I’ll do my best to get one, though, because grandma will probably demand it ????. But what I want is to show how much you loved, how much fun you had together, and what your personalities were like during that time in your lives. And if you’re my client, you want photos that show genuine laughter rather than fake smiles.

Parents tickling their three kids

You’re Excited to Wear Amazing Outfits

I love styling and am willing to help put together beautiful outfits for your family! I have a client closet full of women’s dresses and adorable kids outfits that you’re welcome to borrow from (and I’ll even bring them to the session freshly steamed so you don’t have to!). I love it when the women wear dresses because it makes the session have a more romantic feel and helps with movement. 

family talking together and laughing - family photographer in portland oregon

Your Family is a Bit (or a LOT) Silly

If you’re a family full of serious, straight-faces, then we are probably not going to work well together. I’m such a big dork, and I say goofy stuff to get people laughing. Poop and farts are most likely going to be discussed during your session. I have lots of games for you to play to get everyone having fun, so if you like to play and laugh, then we will get along great!

Dad laughing with his kids

You Enjoy Cuddling Your Family

And when the games stop, you’ll want to be comfortable getting close and cuddling with your loved ones. Photos look much better when everyone is connected and squishy. I don’t want to see any space between you!

Large family hugging close

You Can Be Flexible

Rain happens. This is Portland, after all! I’m always willing to be flexible if the weather is looking less than ideal. So if it’s looking like rain is inevitable, we may need to move your session earlier that day or to another date.

Three kids wrestling on blanket outside

You’re Looking For a Relaxed and Fun Experience

I’m super laid-back and I don’t stress about things so I’m great at making families feel comfortable and relaxed during their photo sessions. So when you’ve been trying your best not to freak out over getting everyone dressed and ready on time but you just can’t help it, I’ll help get you back to calm. I guess if I had a super power, it would be making people feel comfortable. I can literally get along with anyone. But aside from that, I will also bring the fun! Be ready to play, joke, explore, and get some beautiful family photos.

Mom hugging her three kids - best family photographer
best portland family photographer
best portland photographer - Dad and son laughing together
Little girl wearing a hat and floral dress smiling
Little boy with missing tooth smiling at camera
Little girl wearing a mustard maxi dress from joyfolie dancing and smiling
siblings with arms around each other telling secrets
Mommy daughter image collage
black and white image of mom and daughter
Little girl fiercely cuddling her mom
Mom cuddling daughter on a blanket
Mom and son cuddling and touching noses - best portland photographers
Close up of siblings cuddling with parents
Family images in Portland Oregon
Kids laying on blanket together - best Portland family photographer
PDX family being sweet with each other
Parents holding each other and laughing - best Portland photographer

So what do you think? Am I the best photographer for your family?

Let me know in the comments and then head on over to my pricing page to find out more about my packages, or check out my available dates on my booking calendar. See you soon!

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