Below is an overview of the types of sessions we offer and their starting prices to give you an idea of your investment.


Adventurous and Carefree Families

Capturing authentic moments between families is our main goal during family photos. And the key to making those moments happen in your family photos is simple: just be yourself! Let go of perfection, be in the moment, and let the kids be kids. This isn’t about stiff smiles, matching outfits, and every hair perfectly in place. It’s about genuine connection, belly laughs, and hair flying.

Starting at $1450 for Becca / $1250 for Claudia

Family Documentary Photo + Video Sessions – Full or Half Day

Push pause on your family as they are right now with a documentary session with both photos and video. This can be a lazy day at home, a fun day visiting all your favorite spots, or documenting your family vacation. These sessions are documentary style so we will capture you as you are with minimal direction. Just real family moments and no pressure. Each session includes a beautiful photo album designed for you that tells the story of your day.

Starting at $4,450 for Becca / $4100 for Claudia

Maternity Photos with Beautiful PNW Scenery

These can be with your family, partner, or an empowering session by yourself to celebrate the new life you’re creating. Whatever you decide, we will work together to choose outfits and a beautiful location that will create heartfelt and gorgeous maternity photos. We also offer in-home maternity sessions if a cozy day at home is more your vibe.

Starting at $1450 for Becca / $1250 for Claudia

In-Home & Outdoor Newborn Photos

Snuggle up with your newborn baby in your home, or out in nature. Whether you’re showing off the nursery you worked so hard on or relaxing in the grass taking in the scenery, you’ll enjoy your family while documenting this time in your lives. These are lifestyle, baby-led sessions, which means we will give gentle direction and natural baby posing rather than using props and complicated poses. We will focus more on your love for each other and little details.

Starting at $1550 for Becca / $1350 for Claudia

Anniversary, Engagement, and Just Because

For the ones who love fiercly, and live free. We will adventure to beautiful places, run from the waves, dance in the mountains, splash in the river… Capture your love story to be remembered forever, as it is in this moment.

Location options include the Portland area, Oregon Coast, Columbia River Gorge and beyond.

Starting at $1450 for Becca / $1250 for Claudia

Intimate Adventure Elopements

Planning to Elope? Want to go someplace epic and have it captured beautifully? You’re in the right place. We’ll help you find a gorgeous and not-too-crowded place to elope. You have the option to go to multiple locations, and also to bring along some friends and family for part of the adventure (limited to 10 guests).

Together we will come up with a plan for your dream elopement, whether it’s here in the PNW or beyond.

Starting at 3,500 for Becca / $3,150 for Claudia


Your life and love story in motion. These videos are little time capsules of how much you loved, laughed, and enjoyed your loved ones. Looking back at this is like a fine wine, it only gets better with age.


Becca has been photographing people since high school, studied photography in college in 2002, and started charging for it in 2010.

Claudia became a photographer after having her first son in 2008.

So basically, a really long time! 🙂

Your online photo gallery will be ready in 4 weeks or less. You are able to order beautiful, professional prints and albums from your gallery and also download your images for printing and archival purposes. If you’ve added on a video, it can take up to 6 weeks for delivery.

Professional, archival-quality prints are available to purchase through your gallery, which includes albums, canvases, metal prints, and more. You can also use your print release to make your own prints but we can’t guarantee the quality unless printed through your gallery.

At booking, you are able to add on a beautiful photo album, fully designed by us and delivered to your door. All you have to do is pick a cover. Will you go with velvet, suede or linen? Our personal favorite is the velvet, it’s so soft!

We do not give out the RAW images. Photography is an art form and part of that art is in the editing, so giving out unedited, RAW images is like unfinished work. You wouldn’t want that anyway 😉

No we do not. Prices are firm, and mini sessions are not our cup of tea. With a mini session, you have just enough time to stand there and smile, and that’s just not what we do. We love taking our time with the people we photograph which is how we keep everyone feeling relaxed and comfortable. This is the secret to how we get the images that you see in our portfolios. By taking the time to slow down and have fun, your images will be so much more true to you and tell a story of how you lived and loved.

We won’t alter the way you look other than temporary things like a bruise, cut, or blemish if asked. We also don’t edit out wardrobe issues like bra straps so please make sure to wear items you are happy with. If there are people in the background, we will edit them out, but won’t alter a location other than that. If there is additional editing that you’d like to request that goes beyond this, you can put in a request and we will create a custom quote based on the complexity of the edits you have in mind.


We’re here to help you find the best outfits. You’ll have access to an online styling tool to help you find items online for purchase, or if you have a different style in mind, we can help with that, as well! We suggest not purchasing anything until after getting input so we can be sure the colors and style will work with the location/editing.

You’ll also get a location guide where you can choose from a list of adventurous spots. They have all been carefully scouted and selected based on available light and interactive elements to give you room to explore and make it much more exciting than just the park down the street!

The client closet is available only when working with Becca. You are able to choose up to 3 items per person to be brought along to the session (freshly steamed) to try on and choose from. The client closet may be used for up to 3 members of your family only (or I’ll be steaming outfits FOREVER 😉).

I have over 300 items to choose from in various sizes and if you’d like to take a look ahead of time, here is a link to everything I have.

We live in the PNW, there’s lots of rain here! We always encourage going dancing in the rain and splashing in puddles, how much fun would that be?! That’s a memory you will always remember.

But if we see that it’s going to rain a lot and you’d like to avoid that, we can either start earlier, move inside, or choose a new date depending on the forecast.

Local & Coast sessions: All sessions require a 30% non-refundable retainer, which goes towards the total session cost. If cancelled, the retainer will be forfeited. If you request to reschedule with at least 14 days notice, the retainer can be applied toward a future session within six months. Only one reschedule will be permitted. If the session is less than 14 days away, a new retainer will need to be made to secure a new date.

Travel sessions: Your 50% retainer is non-refundable and any changes to the date will result in a new retainer needing to be made to secure a new date.

We don’t expect kids to “be good” during their session. In fact, if they get to be a little naughty, that will probably get us some genuine smiles and laughter. What you can do is allow your child to be themselves. The kids are in charge! Try not to tell them no or scold them for anything during our time together and your photos will turn out happy and carefree! The real moments, uncontrollable giggles, and wind in your hair is the actual goal here, not forced or fake smiles. You get to be the cool parents today, go with it!

couple embracing in the mountains with reflection in water




Book Your Photo Session

Fill out the contact form and explain your vision for your adventure, day-in-the-life or newborn session. If we are a good fit, we will choose a date and get your session booked!


Get Prepared (With a Little Help)

Choose a location from the location guide, use the styling tool to help you build cohesive outfits or allow us to do the styling with you!


Have a Super Fun Session Day

Enjoy your fun photo experience full of silly moments, exploring, and cuddles. Embrace the chaos, enjoy each other, and go with the flow! You’ll love your images so much more if you do.


Book Your Photo Receive Your Beautiful Images

Finally, you’ll get your online gallery full of joy-filled images of you with your loved one(s). You can then order beautiful, archival quality prints and photo products right from your gallery.