Enjoy a fun and easy experience from start to finish. Get help with planning, styling, and location selection before the session so that you can relax and enjoy your loved one(s) during the session!

A photo session is very personal, so it's important to choose a photographer who you connect with, and whose personality is right for you.

I'm Becca!

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I'm Claudia!

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Let's capture the chaos in your family! The real moments, the genuine smiles and laughs. If you or your family cannot sit still for photos, you're in the right place. I thrive on movement and sun, but I also love capturing those sweet peaceful moments in between. Time is a thief... I’m here to freeze it for you!

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Finally, you'll get your online gallery full of joy-filled images of you with your loved one(s). You can then order prints and photo albums right from your gallery if you wish.

Enjoy your fun photo experience full of silly moments, exploring, and cuddles. Embrace the chaos, enjoy each other, and go with the flow! You'll love your images so much more if you do.

Choose a location from my location guide, use my styling tool to help you build cohesive outfits or allow me to do the styling for you. You are also welcome to borrow from my client closet.

Fill out my contact form and let me know what your vision is for your adventure or newborn session. If we are a good fit, we will choose a date and get you in my calendar!


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for us and it's


I just keep thinking about 20-30 years from now when our kids are grown and sitting at the dinner table looking back at these moments and it gives me all the feels... You captured moments in time for us and it's priceless!

Remembering your family exactly how they are right now isn't easy, especially when mom brain kicks in (is that just me?). Having a video to remember all the little details is incredibly special. The way your baby stretches, how your child looks when they run, all those small movements that can't be fully captured with photography.

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When you book your photo session you'll have the option to add on a short film. Click below to see more examples.

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Somewhere between hugging your partner while the kids toss rocks into the water, dancing together to your favorite song, and cuddling on a blanket as the sun goes down on a beautiful PNW scene, you’ll start to just enjoy the family you created and forget about the camera.

Rather than standing stiffly and saying cheese, you’ll play, embrace, explore, and laugh until everyone is having so much fun, your true personalities can’t help but shine through.

And that’s how your images become more than just “family photos”, but beautiful memories of an adventure that your family will pile on the couch and look at for years to come.

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