Portland Flower Fields | My Favorite Spot for Wildflower Photos

January 15, 2021

Photos in Portland Flower Fields

woldflowers near portland oregon

Spring in Portland is so beautiful and one of the things I look forward to most is taking photos in some of the flower fields I have found. If you read my previous post on wildflower sessions in the gorge, then you already know one location I love to photograph. This one is a bit closer to town! Read on to find out more about it!

Mom and son laying on blanket in orange poppies

Where is the field and when is it in bloom?

This flower field is located between Oregon City and Estacada so it’s not too far from Portland. It’s in bloom from late May to early July. I found this spot last year and I swear it just kept generating new flowers every time I went! It was like magic. A magical, beautiful field of wildflowers. That’s the dream, am I right?! Okay, maybe just mine. Anyway, if wildflowers are your thing, you may want to book a session with me here this year. I will be booking sessions here starting about an hour before sunset unless it’s cloudy, in which case we will move it a little earlier.

Family sitting in flower fields

Who is a flower field session for?

This spot makes for beautiful family photos, obviously. I love it for newborn sessions, as well! It would also be a wonderful location for a couples session. But what I think is my favorite kind of photos to take here is a mommy and me session! I did a few of those at this location last year and they were just so sweet. 

family holding newborn baby in lots of flowers

Why is a field of flowers so great for kids?

Okay, this may not be something you’d realize, but a field of flowers is super engaging for kids! Every session I’ve done here has turned out so amazing because kids love picking flowers, giving them to their family members, making bouquets, exploring the field, looking for bugs, smelling them, and cuddling on a blanket while being surrounded by flowers. How could you not be happy while in this location, right? When you give kids something to do, they feel happier and more comfortable. This is when we get the best photos!

Little girl smelling an orange poppy

What should we wear for our wildflower photos?

The clothing you wear will impact your photos in a big way, so you want to make sure to choose the right outfits. Since flower fields have a romantic feel to them, dresses look amazing here! I think that having one person in a color that matches one of the flowers (like an orange to match the orange poppies, or purple to go with the purple wildflowers) looks really good. Just make sure to mix in some neutrals for some of the family to make sure it’s not going overboard. Yellow looks stunning in this location, as well as earth tones. If you would like a place to start, you can look through my client closet, or check out a few of my favorite online shops: Zara, Joyfolie, Baltic Born, and Jen’s Pirate Booty.

How do I book a photo session here?

You can check my calendar and see what dates I have available and book through my website, or contact me if you don’t see the date you need. Consider booking early, especially if you need a weekend (those fill up fast!).

And remember that the field is in bloom from late May to early July.

More Photos at this Portland Flower Field

Little girl in a field of flowers popping a bubble - photos in flower fields family laying down on a blanket in a flower fields near portland oregon brother and sister sitting on a blanket in flowers close to portland oregon mom kissing baby's cheek while ha laughs - laying in tall green grass Family frolicking in a flower field in oregon city Little boy blowing on a dandelion flower with his mom Couple dancing in a flower field with power lines behind them black and white photo of mom and daughter holing a flower near portland Little girl hugging her mom in a flower field near portland oregon little girl holding a bouquet of flowers up to the camers mommy and me session in portland flower fields - mom walking while holding one child and holding hand of the other 5 year old girl holding up a yellow flower and smiling at it toddler girl looking in the distance - portland family photographer in flower fields Little girl looking out over portland flower fields Toddler boy laughing while sitting in flowers mommy and me session in a field of flowers Closeup of newborn baby girl in moms harms with a bouquet of flowers

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