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Adorable Photoshoot Outfit Ideas for Babies And Toddlers

A question I get asked a lot by parents is what outfits to put their babies and toddlers in for their family photoshoot. With so many adorable options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide what to put on your little one for their photo session. Here are a few tips and guidelines to help you choose the perfect outfits for your babies.

dad kissing little boy in blue romper, while mom spins with toddler

How to dress baby girls for photos

When it comes to baby girls, I am not a big fan of dresses. This is because parents often try to avoid squishing the skirt of the dress, which can make the baby look like she is floating in the photo. Skirts just end up being awkward because babies and small kids are being held for the majority of the session. Instead, I prefer to use outfits that allow for a more natural and comfortable look, such as a romper or a cute top with some bloomers or pants (especially flare pants like the ones below!).

mom holding baby girls hand while she walks in flare pants and crop top

The best photoshoot outfits for baby boys

For little boys, I love suspenders – they add a touch of whimsy and cuteness to the photo, and they are also practical for keeping pants up and in place. Rompers and overalls are also a great option for boys, as they are comfortable and easy to move around in, and they add a bit of texture and interest to the photo. I also absolutely love henleys or button-down shirts with pants or shorts.

little baby boy standing holding dads hand, wearing brown overalls

What colors to put your little kids in for photos

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing outfits for your little ones is to avoid clothing with super bright or neon colors, as well as bright white. These colors can create color casts in the photo, especially when shooting indoors, and they can also be distracting and overpowering in the final image.

Instead, for indoor photos, I recommend opting for light and neutral colors, and muted tones.

Outdoors, however, brighter and bolder colors can be very beautiful in family photos. Just be sure to mix in some neutral colors for the other members of the family, and avoid using neon or fluorescent colors, which can be overwhelming and pull focus.

Toddler girl in a sage green romper with eyelet pattern sleeves

Choosing fabrics for toddlers and infants

Another important consideration when choosing outfits for your little ones is the use of texture in the clothing. Textured fabrics, such as waffle, crepe, and corduroy, add a unique and interesting element to the photo, and they can also help to create a more dynamic and dimensional image. Any time you can add texture, do.

toddler boy in overalls

Patterns for your baby to wear for photoshoots

When it comes to patterns for babies and toddlers in family photo sessions, it’s important to keep in mind that simplicity is key. A solid color works great if you want to keep it simple. For patterns, avoid any that are too busy or have too much contrast in the colors, as these can be distracting in the photos.

mom holding her baby girl wearing a yellow striped romper

Instead, choose patterns that have soft, subtle colors that complement the background. For example, light brown with white stripes or cream with a muted floral can work well. These types of patterns will add a touch of personality to the photos without overwhelming the overall image. When choosing stripes, make sure that the stripes aren’t thin and close together, as that will create a weird effect in the photos called moire’, and you want to avoid that.

When choosing patterns, you also want to try and choose a more timeless print, rather than something super trendy.

Parents kissing their baby boy on the cheek

Overall, the key to choosing awesome outfits for babies and toddlers for family photoshoots is to choose comfortable outfits that will allow them to move naturally and to avoid colors that are too bright or distracting. By following these simple tips, you will have beautiful and timeless family photos. I hope to see you soon! If you don’t have a session scheduled with me yet, you can contact me to get on my calendar.

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