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        But... what should we wear?

        It’s not easy, and I know it can be stressful, so here are my tips for selecting the right outfits.

        First, you need to decide what kind of feel you are going for. If you are wanting light and airy, choose clothing that is neutral and light toned. Colors that would look great for this are cream, white, beige, gray, muted pinks, coral, rose, and light blues. If you are looking for a more bright and fun look, try having everyone wear complimenting or contrasting colors. Another idea would be to choose a couple pops of color, but keep the rest neutral.

        When you are deciding on your clothing, you want to coordinate, but not match. So I wouldn’t recommend just saying “We’re doing blue,” and then going out and getting tons of the same colored shirts for everyone. Get a textured shirt in light blue, a gray shirt for another, a floral dress with gray, cream and blue for another person, etc. See where I am going with this? The goal is to coordinate, but not match. Change up textures and prints. Stay away from large logos, cartoon characters, large prints, or words on your clothing, as it detracts from the main subject of the photo: you.

        Choose well-fitting clothing and something that you feel comfortable in. Stick to a certain style for everyone. If one person is going to wear casual, beachy clothing, everyone needs to. I would suggest starting with mom’s clothing first, then build the kid’s outfits off of that, and then find something for dad that coordinates last.

        Don’t forget to coordinate shoes! This is usually the thing most people forget about, and it really makes a difference. Stay away from athletic shoes. Wear shoes that go with the style you are wearing.

        I know that was a lot of info to throw at you, but if you need ideas, please check out my Pinterest Board for inspiration.

        Also, feel free to send me an e-mail, text, or Facebook message if you need help deciding. I love when clients send me wardrobe photos!


        Why it works

        They started with the floral dress, then pulled colors from the print to use for the other family members. The pink dress has lace elements, for added texture, and the dad’s shirt is also a textured print. The mom’s maternity gown can be found here.

        Why it works

        I love these fun and quirky outfit choices. The mom's pink ties in with the leggings on the older girl, and there are elements of blue and gray throughout, but in different shades. You can tell that the little girls are being themselves in their adorable outfits and it all tells a story.

        Why it works

        I'm a sucker for some pretty vintage dresses! These three work great together because the two solid colors are mirrored in the plaid dress and they are all from around the same era. If you need a fabulous source for vintage dresses, my friend sells them in her etsy shop @bumbleandboogs (which is where I got these dresses!)

        Why it works

        The little girl's denim dress has a small flower print, plus some white lace detail on the front which sets it apart from the other denim. Everyone looks really casual but still classy, which is great for a comfy in-home session. This family knew that their headboard was a bold color so they stuck with muted colors for their wardrobe and it really works.

        Why it works

        I love this unexpected combo! They used mostly solid colors, with some camo and black & red checkers thrown in, but what really ties it together is mom's floral cardigan. It has the army green color and the red. Everyone is wearing different shades, textures, and pattern in different spots so no one looks the same. I've photographed this family many times and they always come up with something fun, and they never forget the stylish shoes!

        Also notice how no one's outer layer is the same as anyone elses? That's perfect because any combination of people will work in any photo. If 2 people have the exact same colored shirt, they would blend together. That's always something to be mindful of.

        Why it works

        Because suspenders. Please put boys in suspenders whenever possible ;) The color palette here is mostly gray, white, and blue, but they added some funky socks for the older boy which looks adorable. They added some interest by putting the older boy in a checkered shirt, and baby in a subtle patterned shirt.

        Why it works

        I absolutely love flower crowns! I have a small collection, so don't hesitate to ask me to bring them for your shoot. These outfits look great because the girl on the right has a patterened dress, and then the mom and younger girl has solid colors that were pulled from the pattern.