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The top four reasons you should take family adventure photos

Family adventures are the best kind of adventures. And what better way to capture the fun and excitement of an outdoor adventure than with photo and video? I can help you capture all the special moments of your family’s outdoor adventure, from the laughter and the love to the excitement and exploration. And by adding on a family video, your family’s outdoor adventure will be captured beautifully for years to come. Here are the top four reasons you should take family adventure photos and/or video this year!

families in the gorge and at the beach during family photos

Adventure family photos document the now

When you look back on your photos from your family adventure session, you’ll remember the fun times you had together at this stage in your lives. The sweet way your daughter lays her head on your shoulder, or the way your son giggles when his dad says a funny word. All of it will be captured forever in photos (or video!)

The finished images on your walls will also remind you of the beautiful places you visited and the adventures you had. Whether you’re coming from out of state and want a beautiful keepsake from your trip, or you’re local and want to include the wonderful landscape we are lucky enough to have in your photos.

playful family photos outside in the columbia river gorge

Outdoor adventure sessions are great for wild ones

An adventure photo session provides a fun way for your family to spend time together. Instead of being cooped up in a studio or at the same park you always go to, you can get outside and explore nature in a new place. This is especially good for kids, who need to run around and get some exercise.

If you have a very active child, your photos will be so much better and more true to them if you let them run it out. I have games for your family to play that give the kids a chance to run and be silly, but that still create beautiful images.

Additionally, when you go to a location that is new to your family, the kids will have much more fun exploring! With your session likely close to bedtime, this helps keep kids engaged and happy even when they would normally be tired.

cuddly and fun sunset family photos in portland oregon

The finished photos will be epic

If you want to take family adventure photos that will look epic, you need to choose an amazing location. The best family adventure photos are taken in beautiful locations with gorgeous scenery that also provide things to climb and nooks and crannies to explore. Light also plays a huge part in having epic photos. Luckily, I have spent countless hours scouting the best locations so if you’re looking for a place to take your family photos, I definitely have the answer. Every family who books a session with me has access to my location guide full of all my favorite spots either in the Portland area, Columbia River Gorge, or the Oregon coast.

family collecting shells at the beach on the oregon coast

Your family is free to be yourselves!

I want you to feel free to have fun! Family adventure photos should be a great experience for your family, so make sure to relax and enjoy yourselves. Laughter is the key to great family photos, so try not to think too much about if your kids are “being good” during the session. I actually don’t mind at all if they are a little naughty if it brings the laughter. It will be so much better if you stop stressing and go with the flow. That’s actually the secret to amazing family photos.

family at a river in portland oregon playing with sticks and throwing rocks

Time to schedule your family adventure photos

So if you’re looking for a new way to take family photos, give family adventure photos a try! They are a fun, exciting, and memorable way to capture your family’s personality and bond. And who knows – you may even end up becoming addicted to family adventure photos like I am! Find out about adding a video to your photo session, my pricing, or contact me to book your session! I’m also available for travel sessions if you want to go somewhere a bit farther away.

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