mother holding son while daughter plays in the sand at the oregon coast

Fun Family Photography in Cannon Beach, OR

I had the pleasure of meeting Kali & Bryan’s crew for a playful family photography session during their weekend getaway to Cannon Beach, OR and there was so much laughter and silliness! I mean, I dare you to look at these photos without smiling. Family photos at the Oregon coast are a great way to create fun memories with your crew.

Family of four jumping over waves in cannon beach oregon

The fog in Cannon Beach tried to get us…

I was a little bit concerned on the way to the session because Kali had mentioned a specific dream shot she had in mind for her daughter that involved golden light and a twirling dress.  I wanted to make that dream a reality for her, but there was an intense amount of fog that I wasn’t sure would clear up before I arrived at the location.  Just before I turned in, the fog miraculously dissipated, leaving beautiful, golden sunshine in its place and we got some beautiful shots as a result. As I drove back to my hotel, the fog overtook my car so this location was a special little pocket of perfect weather!

Little girl in a striped dress spinning in the golden sun at Cannon Beach, Oregon
Mom and daughter spinning in dresses during family photos in Cannon Beach

Fun and adventurous = the best family images

This family was a ton of fun to work with and that definitely shows in their photos.  They’re fun and adventurous, and Kali mentioned that she wanted their gallery to reflect those traits. There is a time and place for carefully posed family portraits, but that was just not Kali & Bryan’s style (nor mine) so we were obviously perfect for each other!  They encouraged their kids to be wild & free; they splashed and jumped in the waves as they crashed against the sand, they ran barefoot, they chased each other, and they laughed.

Dad playing with his two kids at the beach in oregon

Letting the kids be kids

When you allow kids to be themselves, you are rewarded with candid photos that are natural and authentic. Moments frozen in time with your littles exactly how you want to remember them when they’re not so little anymore.  As a bonus, this also means less stress for mom & dad during the shoot! Just let it all go and be in the moment with your kids and your images will be just as sweet as these.

Mom hugging her kids

Taking time for couples photos

Speaking of the parents– Kali & Bryan played right alongside their kids and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling as I edited their gallery.  Bryan had been away on a business trip prior to their vacation and Kali and the kids had just picked him up from the airport earlier the day of the session.  When I say the chemistry was palpable between those two, I mean it!  It was clear that Bryan is adored and was very much missed while he was away.  The timing of this shoot couldn’t have been more perfect! I made sure to take these two aside for some couples photos!

Couple hugging on the beach at sunset int he summer in Cannon Beach

Here are more images from this sweet and fun family photography session in Canon Beach, Oregon

family photography session in Cannon Beach
three photos of little kids playing at the beach

Family sessions like this one don’t feel at all like work and seeing the smiling little faces in the finished product is just the best feeling. Message me if you’re ready to bring your family photography session vision to life in the Cannon Beach area, Portland area, Oregon Coast, or beyond!

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