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Top 10 Anniversary & Date Night Ideas in Portland, COVID Approved

Ideas for a Date Night at Home or out in Portland

Having an anniversary or just looking for fun and romantic date night ideas that are safe during COVID? I’ve created a list of a bunch of unique things you could do whether you’re looking to go out here in Portland, or you’d rather stay in. Which one sounds the best?

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10. Romantic Date Night In

Alright, it may sound boring, but you can make staying home fun and exciting if you want to! My husband and I get into a routine at home of just sitting on the couch and watching Netflix, so if I wanted to make our evening into a special date night at home, I’d cook a nice meal (and make sure not to forget about dessert). Then I would probably set us up a picnic on the living room floor, complete with tons of pillows and blankets. Some board games would be a good idea, as well as background music and candles. Make a promise to yourselves to not turn on the TV!

9. Backyard Date Night

One of my most memorable dates with my husband when we were still only dating was a date I planned for us in my backyard. Now this was about 15 years ago so let me see if I can remember the details! I went all out and decorated our umbrella table with white fairy lights. I attached them to the edge of the umbrella, and then staked them to the ground, and then back up to the umbrella and went all around. It was like a tent of white twinkle lights!

Then I cooked an awesome dinner (I don’t remember exactly what it was but I think it involved chicken and I definitely remember making candied carrots with some kind of chocolate dessert). I made a mix CD (obviously you’d just make a Spotify playlist or something now ????) full of old tunes from artists like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. I think doing anything out of the norm is special, so if you’re trying to stay close to home during COVID, this is a great option.

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8. Picnic at a Portland Park and Watch the Sunset

Grab some takeout, a blanket, and some comfy pillows (or maybe this amazing blow-up couch!! I have one, it’s awesome!) and relax at a local park to watch the sunset. A great spot for this that usually no one goes to is just off the Johnson Creek exit of the 205. A neighborhood park called Altamont Park that sits up high so you have a view all the way to Vancouver! I’ve watched fireworks up here, it’s great. Other parks with wonderful views are Rocky Butte and Mt. Tabor

7. Watch a Drive-in Movie

If you’ve been in Portland a while, you have probably heard about the drive-in theater in Newburg. They are open from Late March/Early April until The end of October/Early November. You’re able to watch movies from your vehicle or you can sit on the ground between cars as long as you’re keeping your 6 feet of distance. Just bring your own dinner!

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6. Go on a Hike Together in PDX

I love hiking, I could seriously walk forever and not get bored as long as I have pretty scenery. Consider bringing a backpack with a cold lunch to enjoy once you get to a great spot with a view. Some awesome places to hike would be anywhere in the Columbia River Gorge, especially if you want amazing views (just be sure to check online for what is open), Forest Park is huge so you won’t run out of places to explore (you can even find a witches castle!), or Powell Butte (which has a mountain finder at the top where, on a clear day, you can see tons of the surrounding mountains).

5. Good Drinks in Portland with Outdoor Seating

Ah, Happy Hour. How we miss you. Well, you can still enjoy an awesome happy hour at The Rambler on Mississippi, which has a great covered patio, $1 off drinks and delicious food specials. Find out more on their website.

Another option if you’re looking for the best beers ever is Great Notion Brewing on Alberta. They have a large outdoor seating area with covered tables and little firepits on most tables. And they have the most delicious and unique beers ever! This is one of my husband and my favorite places, just make sure you have a reservation

4. Outdoor Eating with a Romantic View in Portland, Oregon

In July, we were celebrating our own anniversary and we went to the Roof Deck at Revolution Hall for our date night. They will be opening back up in the spring, so be sure to make a reservation and prepare for gorgeous views and delicious drinks. They also let you order food from Martha’s downstairs but you have to go pick it up yourself (or you did when we went). The menu is pretty small but they had really delicious burgers!

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3. Learn to Ballroom Dance at Home

Something I’ve always wanted to do was teach my husband to ballroom dance. But I need a refresher, as well, because it’s been too many years since I’ve done it! I love this idea, especially for an anniversary date night. First, get on some fancy clothing to make it a bit more fun. Then find a tutorial on YouTube and get to dancing! I found a great playlist on YouTube with a bunch of beginners tutorials for all the ballroom dances.

2. Make Your Own Happy Hour

This date night idea starts with you each choosing a cocktail you’d like to make. Get your list of ingredients, get dressed (come on, no pajamas on your romantic date night!), and head to the store for everything you need. Once you’re back home, help each other make your cocktails! Enjoy! Then do a body shot off your significant other, and the rest of the night is up to you! ????

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1. Couples or Anniversary Photo Shoot 

Ah, you know I had to put this one in there! Couples photoshoots are so much fun, and can be very romantic, too. When I photograph a couple, I start out with lots of playful things, have you play some games together and do some silly things to get you laughing and feeling more comfortable. Then once you’re feeling loosened up, I’ll get you into some more intimate poses. Ask you to dance together, kiss, embrace. A lot of times I will step back and just let the couple be with each other for a minute. I have heard from couples I’ve photographed that they typically don’t look at each other in the eyes for very long, and it made them feel more connected to each other when I asked them to. Or it just made them laugh, and who doesn’t like to laugh?!

To find out more about couples sessions, you can head over to my Couples page on my website. This would be such a fun way to celebrate your anniversary!

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What are some fun anniversary date night ideas during COVID?

Let’s sum it up!

  • Have a romantic night at home with a picnic in the living room
  • Decorate your backyard and have a romantic dinner outside
  • Have a picnic at a local park and watch the sun go down
  • Go see a drive-in movie
  • Go on a hike together
  • Enjoy drinks at a local bar with outdoor seating
  • Take in a romantic view at a rooftop bar
  • Learn to ballroom dance at home
  • Make your own cocktails at home together
  • Have a couples or anniversary photo shoot (with me!)

What do you think? Will you be trying out one of these date night ideas for your next date or anniversary? Let me know in the comments which is your favorite!

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