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Three Beautiful Portland Area Locations for Family Photos

3 Family Adventure Photo Locations in the Portland Area and Beyond

As a mom, there’s nothing I love more than spending time with my family and exploring new places. Even better if there’s someone there to photograph the day! If you’re looking for some fun family adventure photo destinations in the Portland area, you’re in luck! From the views in the Columbia River Gorge to exploring the shores of the Oregon coast, I’ve got you covered with a list of the best family adventure photography locations near Portland. Here are three of my favorites.

A beautiful river location near portland for family photos

River Locations near Portland, Oregon

Portland is lucky to have several rivers running through it, which makes for some great family adventure photo locations. My favorites are the Willamette River and the Columbia River. Both offer a variety of photo opportunities and natural landscapes. If driving out to the Coast seems daunting, we can stay right here and splash in a river. It will feel like you’re at the beach without having to leave the area. I have several river locations on my location guide, which you will be sent as soon as you are booked for a photo session with me. But for now, here is a family session taken at a river near Portland.

Family of four looking out at the river in the columbia river gorge

Family Photo Locations in The Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is one of the most beautiful areas in Oregon, and is a popular destination for both photographers and families. With its stunning vistas, forests, and rolling hills, it offers plenty to photograph on a family outing. There are countless photo locations in the Columbia River Gorge, so you could easily spend days exploring and still not see everything. Some of my personal favorites include Cascade Locks, Mosier, and Bingen, but if you choose me as your photographer, you will have access to all my favorite locations to choose from! Here’s a beautiful family session in Cascade Locks.

Dad throwing son in the air at the beach

Adventuring at the Oregon Coast

Just a short drive from Portland is the Oregon Coast, which is one of the most popular family adventure photography destinations in the state. The coastline is absolutely beautiful, and there are endless opportunities for capturing some stunning views. I personally love Cannon Beach, Rockaway, Oceanside, and Pacific City, but there are so many great spots to list them all. When I look for photo locations on the coast, I try and find spots that aren’t just a boring, flat beach. I love to shoot at beaches with jutting rocks, jetties, driftwood, and mountains. It’s just so much better for lighting and visual interest.

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Book Your Family Adventure Photos

If you’re looking for some fun and new family photo destinations, look no further. The Columbia River Gorge, the Oregon Coast, and some of Portland’s rivers provide beautiful backdrops for your next family adventure photo session and I have a guide full of all of my favorite spots. Book your session today and let me help you capture some amazing memories, whether it’s in the form of photos or video. I can’t wait to explore this gorgeous state with you!

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