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How to Prepare for Your Overcast or Cloudy Day Photo Session + Why it Will Be Beautiful | Photography Portland Oregon

How to Prepare for Your Cloudy Photography Session in Portland Oregon

So it’s the night before our photography session and the weather calls for major clouds (it’s Portland, it’s bound to happen, right??), maybe a few rain drizzles. But it’s okay because I’ve got you covered with some awesome tips on how to dress and prepare for the Oregon weather (cloudy or overcast) so everything goes smoothly!

Sisters hugging on a cloudy day during photo session at peony flower garden

I’ve looked it up and we are one of the top 5 cloudiest states in the US, with an average of 222 days of heavy clouds per year. That’s crazy but also super believable.

family in the gorge in oregon

While it does make me appreciate the sun so much when it comes out, I’m not against a cloudy day session at all. I did choose to move away from Southern California for a reason and half that reason was the weather! When it’s cloudy, just embrace it. There are lots of reasons why a cloudy or overcast day will look amazing!

  • Interesting skies
  • A more moody feel to the images
  • A very authentically Portland photo shoot
  • Soft lighting
cloudy photography in portland oregon

What to Wear

Colors – Wearing some bolder, warmer colors on cloudy days adds a needed pop of color to your photos and also keeps the photo from looking too dull and cool. I’ve had families wear all neutral or cool colors and I’ve had families add some color in with some neutrals and the color looks much better, in my opinion. Avoid too much black as it makes everything feel dull, and definitely stay away from neon or anything TOO bright, as it will cast colors onto skin.

Dress Appropriately – Sometimes clouds don’t always equal cold weather, but for the most part it does. We don’t want the kids feeling cold, we want them happy and ready to play! So make sure everyone has layers. If the girls are wearing dresses, make them maxi dresses and add leggings or tights under. Knit cardigans or open sweaters look amazing with dresses and add texture. Have boys wear long pants, long sleeves, and/or sweaters.

Cloudy day photo session in portland oregon

Shoes & Socks – Consider tall socks for the boys to help keep ankles warm. If it’s going to be soggy outside, rain boots can look super cute and maybe we can splash in some puddles at the end! If it’s going to be cold, try not to dress anyone in sandals, as that’s just a recipe for complaining. 😉 Always avoid athletic shoes because they just don’t look good in photos.

little girl holding flowers on a cloudy day

Photography Hair Tips for Cloudy Days

Frizz – When it’s cloudy, there is usually a lot of moisture in the air, and that may lead to hair that is frizzier than normal. You can try putting a small amount of argan oil on your hair after you shower. Or some other anti-frizz product.

Hairstyles – I love it when hair is down and loosely curled for photography sessions, so if that works for the women and girls, then I always recommend that style. And if it ends up windy, it will look glorious blowing around, I promise! Just try not to have any styles that are tight or slicked back. I’m all about loose, free-flowing hair.

beautiful couple kissing with the eind blowing and the columbia river gorge in the background - best couples photography locations
Family of three with wooden fence behind them on a cloudy day near Portland, oregon
Family running around together having fun at the beach on overcast day
Mom holding her two kids - how to pick colors for photo shoot
cloudy day photography Portland oregon
Fall family photos in yellow leaves on a cloudy day
Mom and toddler laying down in a field of orange poppies near portland oregon
Adorable blonde girl in flowers near Portland Oregon
Family cuddling on blanket with their dog on a cloudy day
Tween girl hugging pregnant mom on a cloudy day in Portland, Oregon

Whether we end up with cloudy skies or golden evening sun, your photography session on Portland, Oregon will be amazing because you will be there having fun with your family!

If you’re interested in booking a session with me, you can head on over to my pricing page, or message me directly. Hope to hear from you and create some happy memories!

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  1. Such great tips. I’ll definitely keep these in mind when faced with a cloudy day. We just have to embrace the situation that is presented to us. ????

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