Portland, Oregon Family Films – Your story captured on video

When you book an adventure or newborn session with me, you have the option to add on a family film. These are short time capsules of how your family is in this moment in time. The funny expressions your daughter makes, the wobbly walk of your toddler, the way your son squeezes his eyes tight when he hugs you… it’s all captured in video format so you never forget.

Imagine in a few years you’re sitting on the couch with your kids and they ask to watch some videos of when they were little. So you start watching some and quickly realize that you’re not in any of them. There are plenty of your kids, your partner, but you’re always the one behind the camera. So let’s make sure that you’ve got a beautiful family video that includes you, and then when your kids are older and want to see a video of your family, you can bring out your family film and reminisce together.

Book your photo session and add a family film

Videography is available as an add-on only and is priced at $600. Your film will be 2-5 minutes and is set to licensed music so you can share on social media if you wish. Contact me to schedule or check out my pricing page for more details.