Beautiful family photos with amazing views in the Columbia River Gorge

Taking the Martin family’s photos out in the Columbia River Gorge was so much fun, and not only because they share my love of outdoor adventure. They are also super laid-back, are cat people, and their kids are basically younger versions of mine (their son loves Pokémon and Minecraft, while their daughter enjoys unicorns and mermaids).

PNW family photographer

This was their first time ever getting professional family photos taken, so I was so excited to show them how fun it is and to help them get beautiful photos for their walls.

family of four cuddling on blanket with sun behind them - columbia river gorge family photos

I asked Laura what her favorite part of the session was…

“I loved when she had my husband sneak up on my kids to hug them, totally catching them by surprise. It made for priceless laughs for some great photos.”

Dad with his two kids laughing in the gorge

“I also loved when we ended the shoot with a dance party. I can really see my kiddos personally shine in the photos!”

Family dancing with the columbia river gorge in the background

When asked what her favorite photo was…

“So many to choose from (which is also why we purchased all of them from our shoot!). If I had to say, one of my favorites was of my two children holding hands looking at each other. The sunset in the distance, shining through between the both of them. It’s absolutely gorgeous and you can see the love.”

Kids holding hands with the sun shining in between them with a beautiful view behind them - family photos in the columbia gorge

Laura and her daughter are wearing dresses from my client closet, which I purchased from Joyfolie.

mom and her kids together in the gorge

“My family all watched the slideshow Becca put together. It was beautiful. The music was so special and really made it a wonderful experience to have all together. Being that this was our families first professional photoshoot, we were blown away and I definitely had tears in my eyes.”

Closeup of son and mother embracing - columbia river gorge family photo session
Family of four hugging and cuddling together during family photos
Dad laughing with daughter with the columbia river behind them
couple embracing and looking at each other with the columbia gorge landscape in the background
Husband kissing wife on the neck - couples photos in the gorge
Dad and daughter cuddling during family photos
Dad and son laughing together
Mom and her kids during photos session in the gorge near portland oregon
landscape photography image of the columbia river gorge at sunset near cascade locks

Book your own photos in the Columbia River Gorge

You can easily book your family or couples photos from my booking calendar or message me if you have questions first. There is a small travel fee for going out the the Columbia River Gorge since it’s a bit of a drive for me, but it’s worth it for these views!

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