Kids pointing at alpacas on a farm near portland oregon

Adorable Portland Alpaca Farm Photo Sessions

Photo Sessions at an Alpaca Farm Near Portland, Oregon

I’m so exited to share with you that I have almost exclusive access to photograph families and couples at a family-run Alpaca farm not far from Portland! It’s located in northern Vancouver, Washington and it’s called G.Tribe Alpacas. It’s truly a beautiful property, as well as a super fun experience!

I was able to go check it out in the fall with my kids, so I’m adding the photos I took that day to this post. 

Read on to find out how a session there will work!


Who will be there?

Obviously I will be there to capture the fun on camera for you, but aside from that, there will be one other person there to help with the alpacas and make sure everything goes smoothly. Most likely it will be one of the alpaca farm owners and they will be masked. I had the opportunity to meet them and they are very sweet, laid-back, and passionate about what they do. Ask them anything about the alpacas and they will give you the answers!

white and black alpaca in their pen on the farm

Feeding the alpacas

When we get there, you’ll get to start off by going into their corral and feeding some of the alpacas! They are all very sweet, and they will come right up to you and eat out of your hand! We can also spend some time in the pasture where I will take photos of your family with tons of adorable alpacas behind you.

boy and girl looking at alpacas near portland

Going for a walk on the farm

The owners will have one or two alpacas ready to go out on a walk with us to the back of their farm, which is beautiful and just perfect for photos. They will lead them on bridles where we can get some photographs of your family cuddling up on some fluffy alpacas, all close and personal. 

kids walking with the sunset behind them on an alpaca farm in portland

Finishing the session

After the alpacas have finished modeling for the day, the owner will take them back to the pasture while we stay and finish up your session. This is where we will do all the regular photo session things like play games, cuddle on a blanket, or tickle torture the littlest one. You know, all the stuff that will keep everyone having a good time and interacting with each other. Their property is full of tall grass and pretty trees, and the sun sets in the perfect spot. Even without the alpacas, I’d want to use this property for photo sessions! You’ll love it, too.

little girl in maroon jumpsuit and brown hat

Alpaca farm pricing

The farm charges a $100 fee for the use of their farm and for their time. So just add $100 onto the price of your session. Trust me, it will be worth it!

fluffy adorable alpacas on a farm near portland oregon

How to book a session at the alpaca farm

There are certain days that the G.Tribe Alpacas farm is available, so I will need to check their calendar to make sure the location is available. Just send me a message letting me know you’d like to use this location, and I’ll help you figure out a good date that works for everyone!

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