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How to Prepare for your Portland Fall Family Photos

Portland Fall Family Photos Prep Guide

I know you don’t want to believe it, but it’s already time to start planning your fall family photos here in Portland. What? How is it already that late in the year? I really don’t know the answer to that, but how about I answer some questions that I do know the answer to?????

When should we book our fall photo session?

If you are looking for tons of fall color, your best bet is to book a date around mid-late October. But we can make your session look like fall even earlier by picking a location that typically has more browns in the landscape. This is great because we have a better chance for good weather earlier in the season!

What should we wear for photos?

It’s time to embrace all those earth tones! Browns, oranges, yellows, and greens are all amazing. Rust is also a favorite of mine in the fall (or any time, really). Mix in some creams and grays and you’re set! Remember to layer in case the weather is cold. Chunky knit sweaters are always great for the females to wear over their dresses/outfits. You can keep children warmer by layering leggings or tights under their outfits, as well. If it’s supposed to be really cold, make sure that babies don’t have any legs exposed. Baby pants tend to slip up so I suggest two layers if possible, and long socks to be sure they are as warm as possible. Cold babies equal crying babies.

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What Portland locations are good for fall photos?

I have a list of all my favorite spots around the Portland area. Some are in Oregon City, some in The Gorge, some in Lake Oswego… Portland is beautiful in the fall so I will suggest some spots and you can see what you like best. I pick locations based on the available light because I just love when you can catch that golden sun right before it sets. But if it’s cloudy, I will also let you know the best locations for that, as well.

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How can we keep our family photos stress-free?

I have lots of tips on how to keep your fall session stress-free! The first one is to book your date early. You want to leave yourselves plenty of time to figure out your clothing, location, etc. and in my experience, last minute bookings are usually the most stressful. Of course, I can help take the stress out with my client closet, that way you don’t have to worry about your online order getting there in time.

Another way to keep your session stress-free is to allow yourselves to be the cool parents during your photo session. Your kids get to be as silly as they want, and I don’t expect them to be calm and “good” during their session. I actually wrote an entire blog post on why I want your kids to misbehave during their photo session. You should read it!

Treat your family photo session like a fun family outing! Sing songs or play games in the car on the way there, really enjoy your family during the session and leave the hard part to your photographer, and plan to go out to dinner or dessert together afterward to keep the fun going.

My last tip for keeping your session stress-free is to get to the location a little early. If you’re mega prepared and ahead of schedule, you will be much calmer, and in turn, so will everyone else. And being late to your family photos is never a good idea. So give yourselves way more time than you think is necessary to get ready. Trust me.

How do we find the right Portland photographer for us?

You want to find a photographer who has the right personality for you and your family. Obviously, their style has to be right for you, as well, but something a lot of people don’t think about is personality. If you are a quieter, more reserved family, then find someone who matches that. If you are silly, fun and don’t take yourselves too seriously, then book me ????????. The best way to find out more about your photographer is to check their about me page on their website, and to check their social media posts. Especially check their Instagram stories because a lot of photographers keep their feed more professional, but then share more about their personal lives in their stories. Find someone who you click with and your session will go so much more smoothly!

little girl running with hair flying - fall family photos
fall family photos next to wooden fence - best portland fun family photographer

How can we book a fall family photo session?

If you’ve decided that I am the right fit for your family, then you’re obviously awesome and have amazing taste ????????. You can find out more about my packages and pricing, or book your Portland fall family photos by sending me a message. I’m so excited to plan your session!

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