Best Portland Locations for Amazing Fall Family Photos

 Where to Take Your Fall Family Photos

Every year I see so many Facebook posts asking what location people should use for their fall family photo shoot in Portland. My first answer would be to talk to your photographer because every photographer has their favorite locations where they know the light and all the best spots to use. But if you’ve hired me (or are thinking of hiring me), here are some of my absolute favorite spots to take fall family photos in the Portland area.

Sunflower field fall family photos

I bet you thought that sunflowers were a spring thing, didn’t you? Well, it’s not! Sunflowers are actually in bloom in the summer and fall, the exact timing depends on the year and the field. But my favorite field will be in bloom this year (2021) at the end of September/beginning of October.

portland fall photo locations - sunflower field in hillsboro West Union Gardens

High-up views of the Columbia River Gorge

If you don’t mind driving a little bit for your fall family photos, there are some locations out in The Gorge that are absolutely breathtaking. The high-up views of the river are amazing, and it makes the session feel more like an adventure, which families really enjoy. Any photo session I’ve done in The Gorge always goes on the list of my favorite sessions! If I had one, that is!????

favorite locations in the columbia river gorge for family photos

Walk down into The Gorge with your family

This beautiful location isn’t that far into the Gorge, so it’s pretty close to Portland and is one of my favorite spots for fall family photos. In the earlier part of fall, you can walk out pretty far into the gorge without hitting the water. The later it gets in the year, the muddier it gets and sometimes puddles can block our path. But a pair of rain boots will fix that right up! The mountain views and wide-open space make this location amazing. You can even walk out to the sand and the river, too.

fall family photo locations near portland

Throw rocks in a river with your kids

Maybe fall color isn’t your goal and your family photos will be on a semi-warm day. We can head down to the river and let the kids throw rocks or splash a little in the water (at the end, I promise). I know of a few really great river locations around Portland that work great in the fall.

family on a river in Portland Oregon

Take your family to an Alpaca Farm

I kid you not, you can have your fall family photos taken at an alpaca farm! There are only a select few photographers that have access to this farm in Vancouver, Washington and I am one of them. You can start off feeding the alpacas, then they will put a bridle on a couple and lead them down to their beautiful field where we can take some photos of your family loving on them. And then the rest of your session will just be your family playing and having fun in the field! There is an extra charge to use this location, so ask me for more info.

Family feeding alpacas at a farm location during fall family photos

Enjoy some bright fall leaves

There are several locations in the Portland area that will give you some awesome fall foliage for your family photos! It’s surprisingly difficult to find a location with bright trees AND long grass. Most of the bright trees are inside local parks, which constantly mow their lawns, and I prefer long and wild grass (either green or brown, it’s all beautiful!). Sometimes you will need to sacrifice one for the other, but it just depends on the time of year that you book and when the leaves decide to change that year. If you want some recommendations, please ask me when you book your session!

Ready to book your fall family photos at one of these beautiful locations?

When you book a session with me, I send a location guide that has all my favorite spots for you to choose from. But if you’re looking for something specific, just ask! You can find out about my pricing, and book a session by contacting me. Can’t wait to meet you and your family!

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