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How to Dress for Winter Family Photos

What to wear for winter family photos

Just down the road from Beacon Rock State Park in Washington, I met this family for a wintertime adventure in January. It was most likely going to be a cold day so I worked hard to create cohesive outfits with colors that would really pop against the winter scenery. It’s really important to have all the details planned out, like warm layers in case the weather takes a turn for the worse, especially with family photography. Cold kids are not happy kids. Read on for my tips on how to dress for family photos in the winter.

Family of five cuddling in the columbia river gorge - what to wear for family photos in winter

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How to add warmth when planning outfits for winter family photos

It’s a bit cold out near Beacon Rock State Park in January so we chose long dresses and warm layers. We utilized blankets, hats, and sweaters to keep the kids warm. If you’re planning a winter photo session outdoors, this is the perfect way to add warmth but still look gorgeous and put together. It’s also smart to plan extra layers like tights and onesies under kids’ clothing. Just be conscious of the amount of bulk you are adding with your layers. If you can add warmth without adding too much bulk, that is best. Sometimes kids can wear things that are too puffy and they will block their face, especially when picked up. Be careful of collars and puffy vests, as those are the most common culprits of blocking faces.

mom leaning down to kiss daughter while dad has other kids behind them

Adding textures when styling outfits

I love all the added textures when it’s cold and you can have lots of layers. The little girl’s brown Joyfolie. The fringe adds interest without being too bulky. And the baby has a knit bonnet and mustard fringe blanket. Can you tell I like knits and fringe? And all that added texture looks really great with the brown tones out near Beacon Rock State Park.

girl in hat and fringe sweater from Joyfolie while her family is in the background

In need of your own family photographer who can help with outfit planning?

When you book a photo or video family session with me, I will help with styling, plus I have a client closet full of over 500 items for you to borrow. I also have plenty of warm, last-minute items that you can borrow in the trunk of my car! I always bring lots of hats, blankets, and sweaters just in case they are needed. To book your session, fill out the form on my contact page and we can start planning! I book sessions out near Beacon Rock State Park or anywhere along the Columbia River Gorge, in the Portland area, near the Oregon Coast, and am available for travel, as well.

Keep scrolling to see the short family film and photos from this family’s winter family photo + film session with me.

Family with three little girls playing near a river
Family of five smiling
Family walking together in the columbia river gorge dressed for winter photos in free people and joyfolie dresses
siblings being sweet together sitting on blanket
Dad with little girl in the air
little girls cuddling on blanket with Beacon Rock behind them
family being sweet together sitting on a blanket near beacon rock
Dad making daughter laugh
Dad and daughter being sweet together
Dad cuddling daughter near Beacon Rock state park in washington
family running around playing tag in the gorge
Mom and baby girl cuddling
Mom holding toddler daughter
Family on adventure photo session near beacon rock washington

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