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Gorgeous Maternity Photography in The Columbia River Gorge | Family Photographer in Portland, Oregon

Maternity Photography in The Columbia River Gorge

Driving out to the Columbia River Gorge is always such a lovely drive, I wouldn’t mind doing photography sessions there every night! Luckily this location is only about 40 minutes from Portland. I’m so glad that this family booked me for their maternity photos because they were my favorite type of people: fun, laid-back, and full of love for each other! And it doesn’t hurt that they came in the cutest outfits.

Can you believe that this mom booked her session for only a few days before she was due?? At that point in my pregnancies, I was laying on the couch begging people to get me things so I didn’t have to move, but she was hiking through the gorge on a warm day and not complaining even once. She’s fabulous.

The Session

This maternity session started off with some piggy-back rides, swinging and exploring. The perfect recipe to make a 3-year-old boy happy. And judging by these smiles, I think it worked. ????

family maternity photos in the columbia river gorge
little boy in suspenders photography in the gorge
maternity belly closeup

I’m obsessed with all her rings! The add interest and style to her photos and I really love it. Don’t forget to accessorize when you book your photos! 🙂

couple during maternity photography session

The sky looked completely awesome this night, the wispy clouds are speaking to me.

family maternity photography

This kid has the smolder!

maternity photography in the gorge

I just love it when it’s windy, her hair blowing looks so beautiful!

mommy and me maternity photography

Mommy snuggles are the best.

beautiful glowing pregnant mama

As we were walking through a trail, there were wildflowers growing along so we had to stop here for a bit.

family maternity photography in the columbia river gorge
maternity photographer columbia river gorge

How about that Columbia River Gorge scenery? Just amazing. This is my favorite photo location because of the view here!

ring of fire photography

That top right photo was made with a copper pipe and the technique is called Ring of Fire. I love getting creative and making unique photographs for the families who book with me.

Looking for Photos in The Columbia River Gorge?

I love to go out to the gorge and show families my favorite spot. If you’re interested in booking you own maternity photography session or family session here in the Columbia River Gorge, send me a message! You can also check out my pricing page if you need more info on the packages I offer. Fun and laid-back families are my favorite so come play with me! 

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