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In-Home Maternity Photography in Clackamas, Oregon + Why Body Positivity Is so Important

In-Home Maternity Photography in Clackamas

Sometimes you meet people and they have such an awesome story that you are just so excited to tell it! I did an in-home maternity photography session for this family recently in Clackamas, Oregon and Jade’s story really moved me. I’m so happy to share it here and hopefully inspire others!

pregnant mama and son during in-home portland maternity session clackamas

I had asked Jade what her favorite part about her maternity session with me was, and her answer was so much more than I expected.

“I loved laughing and playing with my son and husband but I was pretty proud I was brave enough to wear underwear and the lacy Kimono for pictures. I also didn’t expect to feel as comfortable as I did in it but it was such a beautiful color. As soon as I put it on, it sprang to mind that I really wanted to get pictures of the tiger stripes on my belly. It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week [this was written back in March], and a huge reason I finally sought treatment, was so that I could have a body healthy enough to have children and a mind strong enough to raise them in a world full of unrealistic body standards. The more I can model body love and body neutrality, the more my children will learn that they are more than enough, just the way they are. I don’t want them growing up never feeling satisfied with the way they look. It’s my job to start that here and now, and show them all bodies are a miracle. I want to focus on what our bodies can do for us, like expand and stretch to grow a baby, instead so much of what they look like.”

What she said is so beautiful to me because I struggle with being positive about my own body at times. Usually I just tell my brain to shut it, and tell myself I look fabulous, but it isn’t always that easy. But we are all our own harshest critics, and when we look in the mirror sometimes we are looking for all the flaws. I know that when I look at other people I am seeing all the beautiful things about them and not looking for flaws so why do I do it to myself?

We are all beautiful. Know that.
Beautiful pregnant mama during an in-home maternity photography session in Clackamas, Oregon

When asked what her son thought about getting his photo taken, she said…

“My son loved learning how to take a picture and seeing the images come up. He also loved the attention I believe, and I saw some real confidence spring forth as we went on with the session. It’s wonderful to see he is so sure of who he is, at such a young age. He wasn’t shy at all!”

dad and son laughing and having fun during in-home maternity photography session in clackamas oregon

She also told me that her husband usually says that he doesn’t like photography sessions but she thinks he secretly loves them. He was having a great time playing with his son and being sweet when the camera was directed at him, so I have to agree 😉

Mom and Dad playing with son during in-home maternity photography session in clackamas oregon
Mom and Dad playing with son during in-home maternity photography session in clackamas oregon
family playing and having fun during in-home maternity photography session in clackamas oregon
fun family photo during in-home maternity photography session in clackamas oregon
portland maternity photographer
portland maternity photographer

Jade’s final thoughts on her in-home maternity photography session

“Just a big thank you, for coming into our home, for being so flexible and gentle in your suggestions. You repeated that I looked beautiful, which at this stage of pregnancy, is very uplifting and much appreciated. You were so kind and easy going with my son’s willingness to do what he wanted to do for pictures. You walked in and get quickly jived with our home and family!”

mama nursing son during in-home maternity photography session in Clackamas, Oregon


The pink maternity dress was purchased at Fashion Nova. The Blue Duster was from Dress + Muse but is no longer available for purchase, and the son’s sweet romper is from Bailey’s Blossoms and is also sold out. All 3 items are a part of my client closet and available to borrow during your next photography session with me.

laughing boy during portland in-home maternity photography session in clackamas oregon

Looking for your own maternity photos?

Book your own in-home maternity photography session in the Clackamas, Oregon area by contacting me here. Or find out more about the different sessions I offer and pricing. Or find out more reasons why you should book an in-home photo session.

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  1. I love this post – both the photos and its message. How powerful that Jade switched her mindset and sought the help she needed to celebrate her body and what it can do. It’s remarkable how much our children can teach us and motivate us, even before they’re born.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I remember feeling like I was so huge but it’s also so beautiful!! I didn’t get maternity photos either time I was pregnant and I really wish I had. But I’m happy to give that to other women!

  2. This is such a heart warming session. I really love the styling, the clothing and how real the session feels.The photos are gorgeous.

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