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Get Your Family Photos in Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Family laughing at barview jetty

There are so many beautiful places to visit on the Oregon Coast, but a really fun choice is Rockaway Beach! This family came to Rockaway for their beach photos with me and I found them such a unique spot!

Where is this Rockaway Beach location?

This location is called Barview Jetty and it’s just down the road from Rockaway Beach. It has it all: A magical field of green with some trees to block the sun at the beginning of the session, beach grass to sit by, rocks to climb on, and a gorgeous beach for the sun to set over. Parking is $10 and you can easily purchase a pass at the location.

The location makes a huge difference

When I look for locations for beach photos, my goal is to find a spot that has some unique elements to interact with but also to choose a place with some kind of rocks, mountain, trees, or a jetty to help partially block the sun when it’s higher in the sky. Without that, the sun is super intense on the beach and your photos won’t turn out nearly as awesome. So if you do hire me for family photos on the Oregon Coast, I’ll help you find a spot that will make a gorgeous backdrop for your family to have an adventure.

Family dancing together in Barview Jetty County Park

How do we find clothing for our beach photos?

Everyone who books with me has access to my client closet, so you are welcome to borrow anything. I will bring it freshly steamed of wrinkles to your session. You will also get to use a fun styling tool to help you find coordinating clothing to purchase or have me do all the styling for you (with your input, of course). Wearing the right clothing can make or break a session so be prepared to work with me to find some truly beautiful outfits.

And then what happens after that?

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging! I will also send you tips to have a smooth session day, explain the secret to magazine-worthy photos, and explain what will happen after the session. Once the session starts, you should feel prepared to have a fun time with your family and let me do all the hard work! Then you’ll get your gallery within three weeks!

Family walking together laughing

Now enjoy these beautiful family photos taken in Rockaway Beach, Oregon!

Family of four sitting on the sand near rockaway beach oregon
Mom making daughter laugh with beach grass around them
Mom and teenage daughter on the beach at sunset
Parents at sunset in rockaway beach
Mom and dad looking as kids climb rocks in rockaway beach Oregon during family photos
Sunsey sky landscape

Book your own family photos in Rockaway Beach, Oregon

I would love to photograph your family exploring the beautiful Oregon Coast, whether it’s in Rockaway or some other coastal town. Fill out the form on my contact page to get started or check out more info about my Oregon Coast photo sessions.

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