Family photography in The Columbia River Gorge

Family Photography in the Columbia River Gorge |Traveling Reclamation Dress

Columbia River Gorge Family Photography

mountains in the gorge

My absolute favorite place for family photography is here at this spot in The Columbia River Gorge! It takes about an hour from Portland, and it’s completely worth that drive. You get the sweeping views, awesome rock formations, the river, and a beautiful sunrise or sunset. In this case, we went at sunrise but we had to wait out a rainstorm so we got started a little late. The clouds overtook the sun for most of it, but it was still obviously beautiful. Definitely worth waking up at 4:30 in the morning! The weekend we went, there was rain, rain, and more rain, so the fact that we caught even a sliver of sun was a miracle.

I have photographed this family twice before, once for an in-home session where they are Voodoo Doughnuts in bed, and once for a daddy/daughter shoot as a surprise Mother’s Day gift! How cute is that? I was super excited to see them again this year!

Giggles and Family Cuddles

We started off the session with a couple games to get everyone warm because it was a little chilly at 6:30am! That also helps to loosen everyone up and get some natural smiles. These two girls are so funny, and incredibly sweet. I love how cuddly they are and also full of energy. It was a good combo!

fun family of four in the gorge

I love how expressive they all are, and how much fun they clearly have together.

Traveling Reclamation Dress

I was able to rent a gorgeous Reclamation dress which will be traveling around the Unites States this year. If you’re not familiar with these dresses, they are all one-of-a-kind, make from vintage lace, and quite expensive. I’ll have this dress again for a few days in July and also September. If you’re interested in wearing it, send me a message for more details on dates!

reclamation dress during family photography session
sweet family photography in the columbia river gorge
sisters hugging and laughing during family photography session
family photography in the gorge

Book Your Own Family Photography Session in The Gorge

I’d love to go to this Columbia River Gorge location for your family photography session! Message me to set it up, or check my pricing page for more info on packages.

Wear a Traveling Reclamation Dress

Reclamation dresses are one-of-a-kind and fit size 0-8, plus they work for maternity, too! If you’re interested in wearing one yourself, let me know and I will find you one that is available at the right time. Message me to book your own family photography session.

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  1. These look so dreamy and classic! And I never had the thought cross my mind about a traveling dress shared for photo sessions like this!

  2. What beautiful family photos! I really like the idea of a traveling dress for photo sessions. That Reclamation dress is so pretty.

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