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My Top 7 Most Important and Sentimental Photos

I make my living as a photographer, so you better bet that I have lots of favorite photos from my life. But I’ve selected the 7 best ones (I tried to pick just 5 but totally failed) to share with you and explain why they are so important to me. At first look, some of them might not seem all that great, but there’s a specific feeling that I get when I look at them (most often love!) and that’s what helped me to decide on my favorites.

It’s not so much what they look like, but what I FEEL when I see each one.

I love them all equally so I just put them in order of occurrence. We will start with this one because it’s obviously the oldest.

1. My Daddy

PDX best photographer

Backstory: As the photo says in my mom’s writing, that’s me! My dad is looking at my crying face and probably wondering why he agreed to 5th baby ????. But seriously, my dad is so sweet and always willing to help with anything. And is always sporting a ‘stache. Always.

2. Mama Love

best photography in portland

Backstory: My mom had been living across the United States and I hadn’t seen her for MONTHS. It was the longest I had ever gone without seeing my mom. I was in 11th grade (1998, don’t do the math ????) and this is a photo of pure joy and excitement on my face as I ran from the airplane (hey, back when people could meet you at the terminal!). Every time I see this photo, it just reminds me how much I love my mom. 

Fun observation… I remember how much I loved this velvet shirt and I’ve noticed a major velvet comeback lately. I’m loving everything velvet and want to buy it all. Lol.

3. When We Were Young

best portland oregon photographer

Backstory: Back when my husband Mikey and I were still dating, he used to be in a punk band. I thought that was super hot, lol. This was taken at the Warped Tour where his band had a booth and I just remember being so infatuated with him that day. Still am 🙂 This is probably the first photo we have together, or at least the first one I remember.

4. Married!

pdx photography old photograph

Backstory: I love this photo from our wedding because we are so happy and in love. Adorable.

5. Father/Son Gazing

portland or photographer

Backstory: The way they are looking at each other just kills me! Ethan was just a tiny little thing, and it was so amazing to see how much Mikey loved him from the start. For a guy who originally thought he didn’t want to have kids, he sure makes an awesome dad!

6. Siblings!

best moment newborn

Backstory: Ah, the first time my kids met! Ethan was a sweet and caring brother and he still is (most of the time!). They go through stages but they are getting along pretty well right now. Knock on wood.

7. My Goofy Family

best family photography

Backstory: I love how much of our personalities come out here. We are such a silly family, always joking around and laughing. This is a perfect representation of us and was taken this past summer and printed in a beautiful album! ????: Meg Bingham Photography 

What are your favorite photographs? Comment with a description of the first one that comes to mind!

And if you’re interested in allowing me to photograph your special family moments, you can find out more info here.

Our eclipse adventure

Mount St. Helens day trip

My silly kids

My daughter in the snow

Jauken Angus Farms, my Bro-in-law

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  1. So many great shots! It makes me want to rummage through my mom’s old photo albums!

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