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Portland Lifestyle Family Photography | My Sweet Nephew

Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

My nephew recently turned two and he’s just the happiest little guy around! My kids love to play with him when we visit from Portland and that’s just what we were doing a couple weekends ago! They live in Centerville, Washington so we don’t get to see them as often as I wish we could, so when we do see their family it’s special. When I visit I usually bring my camera so I can document my kids playing with their cousins. I hope you enjoy these lifestyle photography images.

Finn’s Favorite toys are his troll dolls, he loves pushing their buttons that sing songs from the Trolls movie. It’s adorable because he sings along and dances. Man, I really miss when my kids were this age! So adorable.

Two year old playing with toys
Toddler boy playing in his room
Adorable toddler boy looking at the camera
Sweet boy playing in his room near portland oregon
Toddler boy looking cute - Lifestyle Family Photography


Okay, getting a photo of my sister smiling is like a rare butterfly. I love this photo!

Smiling mom while she watcher her son play - Lifestyle Photographer

And now for some photos of Finn playing with my kids 😉

Boys playing together - Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

They left the animal train like that, just in the perfect position for a photo! Amazing!

Documentary image of two boys playing with toys - Family Photography

Two kids playing inside - Portland Lifestyle Photos
Birds eye view of kids playing in a play kitchen - Portland Photography
Portland Lifestyle Family Photography
Little girl holding broom - Lifestyle Image
Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

If you are looking for Portland Lifestyle Family Photography or any of the greater Portland areas, I’d love to help you plan your own session! P.S. I also do outdoor family photography! I’m currently dreaming of a family session in the Columbia Gorge, any takers?

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