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11 Reasons to Book Outdoor Fall Family Photos With Me

I get it, you’re busy. Between cleaning up toddler messes, going all the places, and homework help, your calendar is jam-packed. But don’t let that stop you from booking outdoor fall family photos with me! Fall is one of my favorite times of year. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing color, and there’s a definite feeling of change in the air. Here are 11 reasons why you should book right now:

Reason 1: To capture the perfect fall colors in Portland

If you’re looking for breathtaking fall colors in your family photos, the Portland area is the perfect place to book your session. I know all the best spots to capture the vibrant colors of the season or the muted yellow grass if that’s more your style, and I’ll make sure your family photos are full of beautiful fall scenery.

Family sitting in tall grass in the fall

Reason 2: Because I offer a unique experience- your family will have a blast playing games and being themselves while I capture candid moments

When you book a session with me, you’re not just booking a photographer- you’re booking an experience. I want you and your family to have fun and enjoy yourselves while I capture candid moments. We’ll play games, tell jokes, and just generally have a blast. And at the end of it all, you’ll have beautiful outdoor fall photos that truly capture your family’s personality.

Reason 3: Get photos that show off who your family truly is

Every family is different, and I believe that your photos should reflect that. I’ll pay attention to your family and what you do naturally so that I can capture photos that are unique to you. If I ask you to do something and can tell it doesn’t feel right, we will move on and try something else. Whether it’s candid shots of your kids laughing or a sweet family embrace, these will be photos that you’ll love hanging on your walls!

Boys running into the fall colored trees

Reason 4: To get outdoors and explore Portland’s amazing nature during the fall season

One of the best things about fall in Portland and the Columbia River Gorge is all the incredible nature to explore. And what better way to do that than with a family photo session? I’ll take you to some of my favorite spots where we can admire the changing leaves and gorgeous PNW landscape and get some beautiful photos in the process.

Reason 5: Take advantage of the cooler temperatures- no more sweating in your outdoor family photos!

One of the best things about fall is that the temperatures are cooler than they are in summer. That means no more sweating in your family photos! (What is up with all this hot weather we’ve been having lately!?) We’ll be able to comfortably explore all the amazing outdoor locations Portland has to offer and get some beautiful shots along the way.

mom and her two sons at portland in the fall

Reason 6: Because wearing fall colors makes your photos look gorgeous!

Fall is the perfect time to break out all the rust, mustard, and brown clothing! Wearing fall colors in your family photos will make them look even more gorgeous (and these colors compliment my editing style really well!). I’ll help you pick out the perfect outfits that will complement the colors of the season and make your family photos pop.

Reason 7: Because my family photo sessions are flexible when it comes to weather

I understand that the weather can be unpredictable, especially in Portland. That’s why I make sure to be flexible with my family photo sessions. If it looks like it might rain on the day of your session, we’ll move it earlier so that we can avoid the bad weather (unless stomping in puddles sounds fun to you!). And if there’s no way to avoid the rain, don’t worry! We’ll just reschedule for another day.

Reason 8: To get photos of your kids while they are still young

Kids grow up so fast (cue the random lady at the mall telling you this as you walk around with your toddler)! That’s why it’s important to get family photos while they’re still young. During our family photo session, I’ll capture all the little details that you want to remember about your kids. From their toothy grins to their chubby arms around your neck, these will be photos that you will never regret taking.

Reason 9: I have a lot of experience photographing families and children, so you can trust that you’re in good hands.

I’ve been photographing families for over 10 years, so I know how to capture those special moments and interactions between you that you’ll want to remember forever. I’ll make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed during our session and I send lots of tips to prepare ahead of time. I’m a mom of two and was also an elementary school assistant for 7 years so I have tons of patience and nothing phases me. Trust me, I’ve seen it all!

Family of five cuddling with the gorge behind them in cascade locks

Reason 10: Because booking a session with me is easy and stress-free

I want you to enjoy your family photo session, from start to finish. That’s why booking a session with me is easy and stress-free. I’ll take care of all the details so that you can just relax and have fun with your family. You’ll get access to a styling website that helps you find coordinating outfits for purchase (kind of like Cher’s closet from Clueless!). I also have a client closet with clothing available for your family to borrow if you’d like. I also have a location guide to help you decide on an awesome location for your family photos.

Reason 11: Because I not only offer family photos, but short family films as well!

I know that these memories are important to you and your family, and I want to help you preserve them in the best way possible. My family films are a perfect way to do that- they capture all the little details and moments that you’ll want to remember forever. The wobbly walk of your toddler, the way your child throws her head back when she laughs and her eyes light up, the way your son runs to his daddy and gets swept up. Video captures it all to never be forgotten.

If you’re looking for fall family photos in the Portland area, I’m here for you! I’m confident that you’ll not only love your photos but also the experience. I look forward to capturing your beautiful family memories! Contact me today to book your outdoor fall family photo session. ????

Headshot of your portland family photographer, Becca Jean Photography

I’m an outdoor family photographer in Portland, Oregon. I bring the fun during your family photos so there won’t be any stiff smiles or awkward photos. I’ll have lots of games for you to play to get you interacting and having fun, but I’ll also step back and give you the space to be yourselves. Sessions take place in adventurous locations around the Portland area and the Columbia River Gorge.

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