Family of five smiling together near Portland Oregon

Family with All Boys | Family Photographers in Portland, Oregon

Family Photographers in Portland, Oregon

Spending an hour with this beautiful Portland, Oregon family is always fun, considering this is one of my favorite families ever! Claudia has been my friend since our oldest kids were tiny, and we quickly bonded over kids, girls nights, play dates, and coffee. We are both photographers, too! Now our oldest sons are 10 years old (I’m not sure how that happened!) and in 4th grade and we still hang out for play dates, girls nights, and whatever other excuse we can find! Great girl friends are hard to find so we are pretty lucky to have found each other.

For their family session last weekend, we met up in Gresham, Oregon at a local park. Luckily I found this space off to the side where the light comes through these trees so beautifully. Claudia loves all her boys so much and it really comes through in these photos. Enjoy!

Family of five standing together, mom looking at the camera while they all look at her

This cracks me up every time I look at it! The littlest one grabbed his brother’s face and the reactions are priceless.

Family laughing while toddler boy grabs brothers face - Best Portland family photographers
Family laughing together
Mom kissing sons face in PDX - Family Photographers
Mom spinning with toddler boy while he laughs - portland Oregon

This is one of my favorite dad shots! I have dad run up from behind and grab a kid in each arm and run toward me. It gets giggles every time!

Dad and sons having fun together - Portland Photographers
Dad laughing with his sons in Portland oregon

You know this is basically every day with these two.

We have always been jealous of these eye lashes. Boys always get the best ones, am I right?

Mom laying on blanket with two sons - Portland Oregon family photographer
Mom and all her boys laying on blanket cuddling
Toddler boy walking away from family
Mom holding toddler son close to her
Couple embracing and laughing - Portland oregon

And last, I had to get some photos of just Claudia by herself because she is absolutely stunning! And the dress was so flowy, it looked so gorgeous when she moved. Guess what? this dress is mine and is part of my client closet, so if you want to borrow it, let me know! The dress is from Dress + Muse if you are looking for a dress for your session but this one isn’t quite what you’re looking for, and I’m always available to help with your outfits!

Photos of mom alone

Her necklace needed some love! An arrow for each of her boys ????.

Closeup of moms necklace three arrows

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