Maternity photo of mom to be in a seafoam green extratropical free people dress in the columbia river gorge

How to Create Movement with Styling for Your Photography Session

Tips for Choosing Clothing That Will Help Create Movement in Photos

When choosing clothing for your next photo session, the first thing on your mind isn’t usually what will create beautiful movement. But maybe it should be. Photos that have lots of movement just have that extra something. Maybe you couldn’t quite put your finger on it before, but now if you pay attention, you might notice it. So here are five tips to help you create movement in your photos with your styling and outfit choices

Mom in free people dress spinning with her son at the beach

Dress from Free People

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Wear the dress

My first tip is probably the most obvious one because I talk about it a lot. I love dresses for photos. They make every body type look good, you can have fun swishing it around and twirling, when you walk it looks awesome, and it gives your photos that romantic feel! 

Little girl in orange Joyfolie dress twirling near a Portland river

Mom’s dress from Dress Barn, little girl’s dress from Joyfolie

Choose the right dress

The right dress can make or break your session, though. Rather than choosing something tight all over, pick a dress that is tighter up top and is tight at the smallest part of your waist. Then the fabric should be loose and flowy for the skirt. This will look the best on your body and also create that movement we are looking for. Full skirts are great for spinning and swishing! 

Step outside of the box

Maybe dresses aren’t for you. That’s okay, I’ve got you covered! You can create movement with a kimono over a top and jeans. Something that would look really good is flare leg pants or bell-bottoms, a t-shirt tucked in the front or tied in a knot, with a long coat or duster over it. Or a romper with a duster. Choose your outfit based on your personality and what you like to wear. 

Floral duster from Joyfolie

Bring a blanket to your photo session

Another way to create movement with fabric is to bring a blanket to your photo session. Or ask your photographer to bring one (I always have at least 15 blankets in my trunk!). You can use it to wrap yourselves in it, play games, or hold it behind you while you run. 

Toddler girl playing with blanket waving in the wind

Crochet blanket from Amazon

Wear a scarf

Scarves can be used in lots of ways, too. Wearing it loose and letting it blow in the wind, playing games with it, or letting the kids wave it around. 

Movement created by wearing scarf during photography session

Leave your hair long and wavy

For those with long hair, adding loose curls and leaving it all or mostly down will help create movement. If the wind is blowing, we will position you so it’s blowing nicely. If it isn’t windy, when you walk or shake your head, those curls will help make the photos look great!

Mom twirling her daughter while dad piggyback rides with daughter

Cream kimono from Joyfolie

Wear something with fringe or tassels

If you can find clothing that has fringe or tassels, they are awesome for creating movement in your photos. Either a robe, dress, jacket, or even a blanket with fringe can look really good.

Maternity photo of woman in a Jens Pirate Booty Robe with tassels flying

Fringe kimono from Jen’s Pirate Booty

Last step: Hire a photographer!

Now that you know how to dress for creating beautiful movement, it might be time to book your next photo session. If you’re looking for a fun Portland, Oregon photographer who will capture all the laughter and cuddles, and make you look good while doing it… check out my availability or look at my pricing. I hope to meet you soon!

Pink dress from Free People

Mom in free people dress chuddling daughter in the columbia river gorge

Mom’s dress from Free People, girl’s dress from Joyfolie

Dad cuddling daughter while mom spins with son

Mom and daughter’s dresses from Rylee + Cru, blanket from Target.

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