engaged couple at the beach, man picking up woman and running from waves

Couples Photographer in Portland

Portland, Oregon FUN Couples & Elopement Photographer

"Oh, we're really awkward in front of the camera."

I hear that from couples ALL THE TIME at the start of our session. The funny thing is, they only think they are.

And sure, anyone is going to look awkward just standing there being told to smile, but that's not what my sessions are about. We play silly games, incorporate a lot of movement, and before you know it... you'll be having a great time and just enjoying each other!

Once you're feeling comfortable, I'll direct you to get close and create more intimate and calm moments, too.

Not only will you receive beautiful images after your couples or elopement session with me, but you'll also get a fun and laid-back experience that you will remember forever. You also have the option to add on a video like the one above.

Couples, engagement, and elopement sessions take place around the Portland, Oregon area, in the Columbia River Gorge, or at the Oregon Coast. I'm also available for travel/destination elopements. Find out about pricing or book your session!

"Becca was so


in directing us..."

We are always nervous being in front of the camera since it isn't something that comes very natural to us. However, Becca was so helpful in directing us that it didn't feel stressful or forced.

"She knew what to do,

where to go..."

My favorite part was her expertise she applied to our shoot. I was concerned the rain would ruin it. She knew what to do, where to go, and how to shoot it so we have the most incredible photographs.