Mom and her two young kids - Outdoor Session with fun Family at sunset

Outdoor Family Photography at Sunset | Northeast Portland

Outdoor Family Photography with the Richards Family

We went on a walk around a lake and got some really sweet outdoor photos of this gorgeous mommy and her kids for Mother’s Day, and then we added Daddy in at the end for some family photography shots. These photos really show all the love they have for each other, and it’s clear they have tons of fun when they are together. Can you even tell the wind was blowing and making everyone super cold? Between the dancing, giggling, cuddling, and Frozen songs being sung, they kept each other warm.

Family of four hanging out together outdoor

(When the dad sings, he totally sounds like he should have been the singing voice for a Disney character, no joke!)

Mom and two kids cuddling and laughing
Mom and son laughing at each other - Outdoor photography
Mommy and me session with woman and daughter spinning together

Side note: If you love these flower crowns, I have them for use at your session, just ask!

Mom brushing hair from daughter's face - family photography
Mom holding the cheek of her toddler daughter
Boy laughing at camera - family photography
Family standing together laughing outdoor at sunset

Remember how I said it was cold? Here’s a cute family cuddle!

Family of four cuddling outside during photography session
Family hugging to keep warm outdoors

Frozen songs were being sung in the photo below, can you tell? 😉

Toddler girl sitting on mom by a lake at sunset
Toddler girl holding her dads cheeks while she kisses him - outdoor family photos

They’re so silly together.

Dad and daughter being silly together making funny faces - outdoor photography
black and white close up of hands
Mom brushing hair of sons forehead outdoors
Mom and son hugging

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