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Why Book a Family Photoshoot Every Year in Portland

Why Schedule a Yearly Family Photoshoot?

There are lots of reasons to book a yearly family photoshoot, and I don’t just say that because I’m a photographer here in Portland, Oregon. I really do think getting yearly photos can have so many benefits, which I will explain in this blog post.

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Your family and your kids are always changing

This might be the biggest reason to have a yearly family photoshoot. Our kids are constantly growing, their faces change, they get taller, their relationships with each other and you will evolve, teeth fall out, hair gets cut… just so much change is always happening! My hope is that you will preserve those memories in the form of photos.

little boy and his dog, little boy laughing during family photoshoot

Get a different look by scheduling your family photoshoot in different seasons

So many families wait around until the fall to book their photoshoot, but if you are booking family photos yearly, you should definitely try out some different seasons! If you’re here in Portland, then you know how beautiful it is here year-round. The spring is gorgeous for lots of greens and flowers, summer has wildflowers all over and a way better chance for good weather, and winter can be super fun if you want bare trees with the sun shining through, or go to the snow. The photos throughout this post are of the same family a year apart, one in the summer and one in the fall. Change it up every year and get a variety of looks for your walls! Which brings me to my next reason…

Two photos of the same mom and young son where he's looking up at her and shes holding his face - Portland family photoshoot

Update the photos on your walls

Another reason for a yearly family photoshoot is to update the photos that are hanging up in your home. I suggest having a large family photo as a focal point that is replaced every couple of years. A really great way to show off your yearly family photos is to create a gallery wall that shows the progression of your family each year. Hang up one photo from each of your photoshoots and make sure to leave room to add onto it yearly. You and your kids will love looking at how much you’ve changed!

Family having fun during their yearly photoshoot

Create a new family photoshoot tradition

Making your own family traditions is so exciting! And as long as you choose a photographer who makes the session fun, your kids will practically beg you to make a yearly family photoshoot your new tradition. You get to spend time giving your kids tons of attention, playing with them, maybe exploring nature a bit… and then after the session you can extend the fun by going out for a treat!

Mom sitting on blanket with her son laying in her lap

Trying to take photos of your own kids is always a disaster

I left this one for the end because it’s my favorite reason to schedule a yearly family photoshoot. If you’ve ever tried to photograph your own kids, you know what I mean. Kids just don’t listen as well for people that they know really well, and I know that I personally get frustrated with my own kids when I try and photograph them. I can’t help it! I have all these amazing ideas and I really want to capture that perfect shot, and they are not having any of it. But when there’s a stranger behind the camera it always goes smoother! I hire someone else to take our family photos, even though I could totally do it myself with a tripod. Why? Because having someone who knows what they’re doing BEHIND the camera produces significantly better results. They know how to get the right expressions and interaction between us. They know what to say, what angles look best, and how to get the kids having fun.

It’s so much better than getting frustrated at your kids for not listening to you! When you have the right photographer, they will encourage you to relax and enjoy your kids and not to discipline them. I tell all my clients to go with the flow and not worry about your kids “being good” because I actually prefer when your kids misbehave a bit during your session! 

Father and son playing during family photoshoot
Family cuddling on blanket near Portland Oregon
Couple kissing during photoshoot in Portland

Ready to book your own Portland Family Photoshoot?

Schedule your own photo session this year by taking a look at my booking calendar or contacting me! You can also click here if you need more info on my packages and pricing.

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