Family on a riverbank in Portland, Oregon laughing together

Why I Hate the Word Portraits – Portland Family Photographer

Why I Never Tell People That I Take “Family Portraits”

Okay, hate is a strong word. But seriously, I really dislike the word “portraits” when referring to my work as a Portland family photographer. 

What do Portraits make you think of?

I know that when I think of getting family portraits done, I’m remembering back when I was a kid and my mom would take us to a fancy portrait studio where we all had to sit still in the perfect position they put us in and not move. Then they would tell us to smile, and we smiled our boring fake smiles at the camera, and it was done. Boring, boring, boring. Stiff, lifeless, fake, and not representative of our personalities at all. That’s exactly what I think of when I hear the word portrait.

What does the word Portrait really mean?

Portrait – a painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders.

Doesn’t that just sound stiff and boring to you?

Well, isn’t that what I do, though? Take Portraits?

No. And yes. But also no. I take photographs that are full of life, personality, genuine moments, connection, and fun! And using the word Portrait to describe what I do just doesn’t sound right to me. Which is why I don’t use that word anywhere on my website (except in this post, obviously ????). Sure, I might technically be taking portraits of your family, but it won’t be stiff or boring!

Sweet family photo with toddler girl on dads shoulders, son standing in front of mom, mom kissing toddler girl

So what should you expect when booking your family photos with me?

Beautiful photos that show your family having fun together, laughing, cuddling, and being you. As you are right now in this moment, dancing together, tickling the youngest, and not sitting stiffly on some boxes with black velvet draped over them (I’m obviously still bitter about these studio portraits I was forced to endure as a child????).

Collage of a family of four near Portland oregon

And if you’re like me, you want these kinds of photos for your family. Photos that are real, silly, sweet, and completely you. 

Collage of three photos of a family of four having fun together in the gorge near Portland
Fall family portraits near portland oregon
collage of four photos of a family sitting on a blanket cuddling and laughing
Family portraits in the fall
Little girl in yellow dress walking, dad hugging son and laughing - Portland family portraits
Mom laughing at daughter with sand on her hands
Portraits of kids on the sand in the gorge near Portland
Parents chasing their kids on a riverbank near portland oregon
Collage of parents with their kids near portland
Family running around together having fun at the beach
Kids playing in sand while getting their Portland family portraits
Dad holding toddler daughter on his shoulders, funny family portraits
Sibling portraits, kids having fun together
Family of four in the columbia river gorge
Black and white landscape image of the columbia river gorge

How can you book your Portland family photos (not portraits????) with me?

If you are looking for a fun photography experience, I would love to take your family photos (not portraits????). If you’d like more info, you can check out my pricing or message me when you’re ready to book. I look forward to planning your fun photo session!

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  1. Becca, oh my goodness yes! I agree COMPLETELY. and how much do i wish you lived on my coast so you could photograph my family? so much is the answer! What a stunning session, as always. Thanks for sharing.

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