PDX mommy and me photography session

PDX Mommy and Me Photography Session | Happy Valley, Oregon Photographer

PDX Mommy and Me Photography Session

Jillian reached out to me because she wanted a mommy and me photography session with her son to capture some memories of just them together in the PDX area. Growing up, she didn’t have a lot of photos with her mom, so she was really excited to do this.

She also mentioned that her toddler was big on running and she picked me because I seem to specialize in kids who are always on the move.

Challenge accepted.

The session started off with bubbles and ended with bubbles, with lots of chasing, tickling, and cuddling in between.

“These are amazing. I’m literally wiping away tears. Thank you so much!!”

mommy and me photo session

He was trying to eat the bubbles…

Boy trying to catch bubbles
kid standing in field in pdx

See? The chasing. lol. I didn’t mind it 😉

mommy and me photography session

I didn’t even tell him to do this. He was born a model.

boy sitting on bench
little boy and mommy holding hands and walking
pdx area park photo session
boy and his mommy cuddling | PDX area photographer
little boy looking at camera
happy giggling child in pdx

He fell and now mommy is making it all better.

Mommy and me session
mom and boy hugging

So much laughter! I just love them.

mommy and boy laughing

This bubble wand was his favorite. He kept trying to get us wet with bubble liquid and it made him so happy so we just let him do it ????.

boy running with bubbles in Portland Oregon

I got to know Jillian at their session and she is really laid-back, just like me! We got along great and I’m so glad she chose me out of all the photographers out there.

Funny Photography Coincidence

I was taking photos at Memaloose State Park in the Columbia River Gorge the day before Jillian’s session and I was asked by some hikers (pictured above) to take their photo really quick. So I used my camera and took a few shots for them, and got their e-mail so I could send it later. Then I did Jillian’s session, and through Instagram I discovered that these two are friends!! Small world, right?

Looking for your own family photos?

Did these photos make you smile? Book a fun and silly session with me! It can be a mommy and me or another kind of family photography session around the PDX area. Go to my pricing page for more info on the packages I offer. I hope to hear from you!

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  1. Such a cute session! I love that they did a mommy and me on the move. This seems so gorgeous and candid so you really get to feel the memories being made here.

  2. I love this so much! I’m the photographer in my family, and as such, there are NEVER any pictures of me and my kids together 🙁 It makes me kind of sad. I need a session like this!

  3. Oh. My. Gawd. These photos are seriously stunning. So funny because a friend of mine asked me to take some photos of their family with small children that would not sit still and I am not a photographer so I was at a loss. It was so diffuclt but you make it look so easy. I am referring my friends to you next time. You have a real talent to capture the energy and I could feel the happiness. xo

    1. Small children are my specialty! The trick is to make everything a game, and to do lots of cuddling and tickling. ???? Thank you so much!

  4. I can’t imagine what it’s like photographing small children that are always on the move, so I always admire photographers that capture the happiness and energy in the moment. This is such a magical and precious shoot!

  5. You did such an excellent job capturing the joy emanating from these two!I especially love the one of him with his arms up, reaching for the bubbles.

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