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My Silly Kids on the First Day of Spring

PDX Kids Photographer

We started the first day of Spring with 75 degree, sunny weather and it was everything I could have wished for. It was so beautiful!!! I took my kids to the park by our house and they chased each other in the last bits of daylight, then took turns on the tree swing. Chloe tried to find bugs in the grass and made a bunny out of random pieces of nature, while Ethan tried to beat his time running across the field. Yay for being outside and not on electronics (this is a constant struggle during the colder months). Spring is here and I’m all for it! Now if the sunny weather would only last…

He’s so old and mature here! And so freaking handsome, am I right??

Pdx kids photographer

Sometimes they like each other, and sometimes I have to bribe them to do what I want. I’m not ashamed to admit that I paid them each $3 to hug each other ????????????.

Pdx kids photographer
Pdx kids photographer

Soak up that sun, sweet girl!

Pdx kids photographer

This is a goofy pouty face because she thought she saw a bug but then it hid in the grass.

No matter what age she is, she always has had the BEST facial expressions. I don’t want to forget a single one.

If you’re wondering about this amazing green dress, it is from Joyfolie and is available to borrow for your next session with me in a size 10.

Pdx kids photographer
Pdx kids photographer

It looks like they’re dancing, but no. I apparently can’t pay them to dance with each other, because I tried! Lol. This photo was just the end of their hug, which turned out looking like a dance! Hah! I win!

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I love working with kids, making them laugh, playing games, and just having fun in general. And I do all that while taking beautiful photos that you can look back on forever. If you’re interested in booking a session with me, send me a message and we can get started planning!

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Magnolia tree and my daughter

My daughter in the snow

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Jauken Angus Farms, my Bro-in-law

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