Family Photography in Happy Valley Oregon

Happy Valley Family Photographer | Adorable Sunset Session in an Open Field

Happy Valley Family Photographer

If you don’t know already, families are my favorite and what I photograph 99% of the time.


Because I love capturing all the love and silliness between families. I love kids and their unpredictability and pure sweetness. I love how families are so comfortable with each other and get into their own little bubble during our session.

All of it. I love it all.

beautiful family photography in oregon

But then when the session is over, it gets even better because I get to show you all these special moments I captured for you! I swear to you that almost every time I photograph a family, the mom is thinking, “Oh my gosh, my kids were so crazy, I’m sure none of the pictures turned out.” But then they get their gallery and realize that all their kids’ personalities were able to really shine through because they were just being themselves. 

family having fun in happy valley oregon

Family Photo Time

This family has two of the sweetest girls! It was so fun photographing them laughing, dancing, and cuddling together. When I asked Candice to describe their family and where they are right now in their lives she said, “My family is my world. We have 2 amazing daughters who are my biggest delight yet my hardest challenge. We are so busy with life and kids and work but are loving every minute of it.”

One of the reasons this Happy Valley family chose me for their photographer was because they were excited to borrow dresses. All the females are wearing dresses they borrowed from my client closet and they look fantastic! I came over a few weeks before the session and brought a huge pile of dresses for them to choose from. It was a fun girls dress-up day and I got to meet the girls’ favorite dolls, too! 😉

family cuddling | sweet family photography

Another reason they booked with me was because Candice loved my style and the lighting in my photos. We were so lucky to have a sunny day and get lots of golden sun for their photos. This location is specifically great because of the open field with trees in the background. We just kept moving with the sun and following the light! 😉

happy valley family photographer

The Scare Game

Their favorite part of the photo session was something I like to call the scare game. I had the girls stand holding hands facing me, and then I told them that daddy is going to sneak up and get them, but they don’t know when it’s going to happen. The anticipation alone was hilarious, but then when their dad came up and gave them a huge hug and lots of kisses, they were giggling so much.

girls playing with dad | Family Photography

“It just sums up their relationship with their dad and how he makes them always laugh and the smiles and laughter on their faces.” -Candice

Then we switched and had the girls sneak up on mom and dad!

Family playing during photo session in happy valley oregon

I was able to capture some really sweet photos of the girls individually and they really are the sweetest!

It’s pretty incredible how families can go from sweet to silly in about 2 seconds. See evidence below ????.

I’ll leave you with these last few images. I could go on posting these adorable photos forever but I didn’t want to make this post too long. ????

The girls dresses are both from Joyfolie and the mom’s dress is from Vici.

Looking for your own family photographer?

I’d be delighted to be yours! But only if you’re a super fun and sweet family who likes to play and be silly. If you’re not into fun, I doubt you’ll like my sessions ????. Message me if you’re ready to book, but if you need more info first, you can check my pricing page.

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