Creative Photography Ideas- photo of three year old girl on a blanket with hazy golden sun behind her

My New Obsession: Creating Dreamy, Beautiful Images with the CineBloom Lens Filter | Creative Photography Ideas

Creative Photography Ideas Using the CineBloom Lens Filter

Sometimes as photographers, we just need new and creative photography ideas so we don’t get bored. It’s a thing. Whether it’s learning to create double exposures, shooting through weird objects, or using prisms, I’m always happy to try out new creative photography ideas! So here is my new favorite idea: creating dreamy images with the CineBloom lens filter! In this post, I’ll show you what it is, what it does, and how I use it.

Image of little girl laying on a blanket - how to create dreamy images with fun photo effects

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What the CineBloom filter is and does

The CineBloom filter is a glass filter that you put over your camera lens. You can probably figure that out by the images in this post, but it creates a dreamy glow that makes people stop and look because it’s so unique. It also adds some warmth and (in my opinion) happiness. ????

Ordering this creative lens filter

I ordered the CineBloom filter for my camera and I immediately fell in love. It did take a while to arrive because they were on back order but it was worth the wait!

There are two options for this filter, 10% or 20%. I chose 20% because I wanted the effect to be obvious and it just seemed like more fun.

You also need to decide which lens you will be putting it on, because you have to order the correct size. I decided to use it with my 35mm lens, which has a 72mm filter size. You will want to look up what size filter fits on your lens. 

Profile of a girl with sun shining under chin

What my photography clients can expect

Maybe you’re not a photographer, but would love me to use this for a few photos during your session. Just let me know! I may use it without you asking, but I typically trade off using different fun things during sessions. (Creative Lensbaby lenses, shooting through interesting things, etc.) There’s no guarantee that I will use this filter unless you specifically ask for it. So just ask me! I’m happy to oblige!

Getting creative with it

I was so excited when it first arrived! I took it out right away while my kids were playing in the backyard. They were dressed in shorts and long sleeves in the winter, which makes TOTAL sense, and were playing in the mud with some robot bug they had put together the day before. Good times. 

glowy images of preteens using a creative photography lens filter
Closeup of two kids legs and feet on a dirt mound with sun behind them - CineBloom lens filter by moment
collage of 12 year old boy with hoodie on
Creative Photography Ideas- closeup of 10 year old girl laughing with golden sun behind her - Cinebloom filter
10 year old girl playing outside on a sunny winter day - Creative photography lens filter called CineBloom

The very next evening, I had a client photography session with the cutest little three-year-old girl! I got to get creative while taking her photos. I’m kind of obsessed with the way these came out.

three year old girl laying on blanket with hazy sun behind her - creative photography ideas with the cinebloom camera lens filter
Adorable little girl throwing her arms out and looking up to the sky - taken using a creative lens filter called CineBloom by Moment

This lens filter needed to be tested indoors, as well. So when my daughter was busy playing in her room, I took a few shots with the CineBloom filter on. The cat decided to get involved, too. It’s just as amazing indoor as it is outdoor!

10 year old girl in her room with tablet
black and white cat yawning in window - creative photography ideas
Tuxedo cat sitting near window - Cinebloom lens filter

What Lighting is Best?

You don’t HAVE to have direct light coming into your lens for this to look awesome, but the effect is definitely more noticeable when you do. So using the bright sun or a window to backlight your subject looks great. But you could also use fairy lights or streetlights and that would look amazing, as well (and is next on my list to try!).

Here are a couple photos I took where the sun wasn’t behind and I do love it, but the effect isn’t very strong:Creative Photography Ideas- photo of girl playing outside

Other Creative Photography Tutorials

I have written a couple other tutorials that you will definitely love if you enjoyed this one.

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And remember, you can get your own CineBloom Filter here. And I’d like to add that while I do make a small commission off any sales (thank you for that!!), I have not been asked to make this blog post. I made it because I think this filter is awesome!

What do you think? Would you want to try this idea? Or if you’re not in the photography world, would you love creative images of your family taken with this filter?

I have tons more blog posts for photographers, plus a shop with helpful guides. I also sell my presets! Check my resources for photographers page for more info.

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