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A Simple Trick for Generating Ideas for Your Photography Business

If you’re like me and spend a lot of time driving (to and from photo sessions, running errands, etc), then this is the perfect opportunity for some creative thought. You can use your drive time as a time to build up new ideas for your photography business! I’m going to tell you how I do this with a three-step process. It’s easy and fun and will make a huge impact on your business, I promise!

Pre-assignment: Set up your phone correctly

This takes a small amount of prep work. You need to make sure your phone is set up to use hands-free in your car because I can’t have you crashing because you were fiddling with your apps. I use an iPhone so I went to settings to turn on the “hey siri” function. Basically, you want to be able to record a voice memo while driving, so you may need to google how to use your specific phone to record your voice hands-free. Once you have that set up then you are ready to go!

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Before you leave the house, find a podcast episode that you think will be useful in generating some ideas for your photography business. For example, if you want ideas on creating captions for Instagram posts, then search for a podcast about Instagram captions. Or if you want to figure out how to start an email list, then search for a podcast episode about that. You can use the search function if you are looking for something specific, or if you aren’t sure, just see what episodes look good from your favorites. Some of my favorite podcasts are:

Step 2: Record your ideas

While you’re driving and listening to your podcast, ideas will inevitably pop into your head. Normally you’d think, “that’s such an awesome idea, I’m sure I’ll remember it later.” But then you totally don’t and the idea is lost probably forever. So sad.

So instead, tell Siri (or Alexa or Google Assistant, etc) to start a new voice memo. Record yourself talking out the idea. Make sure to explain it enough that you will remember what it was about later. But try to keep it short to save time later when you have to listen to it back.

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Step 3: Write your ideas down and organize them

When you get home, listen to your voice memos and write down these ideas. I like to keep them organized on my computer using some kind of organization app. Basically, you want to have different sections or folders for each topic.

Inside each folder or section, you can list your ideas. If you use an app that lets you check things off, you can easily mark off when you’ve completed it. Some apps to try out are Asana, Clickup, Trello, or keep it simple by using Google Drive folders and making a different Google Doc for each topic. Write the ideas down in the Doc and turn it bold once you’ve completed each task.

If you need some topic ideas, I’ve made a quick list for you but I’m sure there are many more you could add:

  • Facebook
  • Tiktok
  • Youtube
  • Instagram marketing
  • Instagram post ideas
  • Reel ideas
  • email marketing
  • blog post ideas
  • website tips
  • client experience
  • CRM
  • prompts and poses
  • lighting
  • location ideas
  • finding clients
  • ideas for the future

I do this and I sometimes have 10-15 ideas during an hour car ride. But you can also use this technique while on a walk, in the shower, getting ready in the morning… any time you can be alone and relax.

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When should I use these ideas?

When you are working on a part of your photography business, you can go to that section to get ideas. Alternatively, if you aren’t sure what to do for your business, go check out some of your ideas and see what looks like it will make the largest impact and work on that thing.

How long should I wait to dictate the voice memos?

Try and do it as soon as possible so you don’t forget what you were talking about. Also, I’ve found that if I don’t keep up with it, the voice memos will sit there forever and those ideas die a slow death. So do it ASAP. If not right away, then at least within 48 hours. Set a reminder on your phone to do it!

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Before you go…

If you’re looking for new ideas for your photography business, or just need a way to organize your thoughts and improve your workflow, give this process a try. Driving can be a great time to come up with new ideas – and now you have a way to capture them! Sign up for my email list for a free golden hour lighting guide plus more useful tips like this, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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