Family hugging and being sweet and candid in the middle of a field in Portland oregon

Candid Family Photo Session near Portland, Oregon

Sweet and Candid Family Photo Session

Jenean and I became fast friends while planning her photo session, bonding over Instagram messages about dress choices and raising preteens. She was really excited to get candid shots of her family being themselves, and her enthusiasm helped make her photos turn out beautiful! 

I asked Jenean why she decided to book me for her family photos and she said, "Your photography style looked very natural and unscripted. Much like our lives these days! Go with the flow, capture the smiles as they come."

She get's me.

When asked which photos were her favorite, she said, "I have multiple faves! Haha. Picking one fave is literally impossible. I love the ones of my two girls loving on each other, mama heart melting session!..."

Two sisters hugging - candid family photos

"...The pictures of my girls and I laying on the blanket..."

Mom and daughters laying on a blanket laughing - Family photo session in portland oregon

"...and the photos of me and my honey hugging and kissing."

Couple cuddling and kissing in Portland, Oregon
"WOW. I made some gorgeous babies! And look at this HUNK by my side!!!"
photos of 12 year old girl
Photos of 7-year-old-girl - candid family photos
Candid images of a family of four
Family walking together - family photos in Portland Oregon
mom and daughters in Portland
candid photo of mom and daughter
Mom and daughters candid photos
Her favorite moment during the session was watching her girls laugh. And there was plenty of that as they all took turns tickling each other!
Family sitting on blanket and laughing together
When we were all done, I noticed the clouds turning colors as the sun set, so I took one last shot.
Silhouette of a couple with sunset behind

Book your own family photos

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area or will be traveling here, I'd love if you chose me for your next candid family photo session! You can find more info on pricing, book right from my calendar, or message me if you have questions. I have a client closet full of women's dresses and kids clothing available to borrow and I provide styling advice, as well as a location guide with all my favorite spots. I can't wait to meet you and plan your session!

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