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Top 6 Best Couples Photography Locations in Portland

Best locations for couples photography near Portland, Oregon

There are a lot of things that make locations best for couples photography here in Portland, Oregon. I love spots that feel adventurous, with sweeping gorge views, a bridge or river, mountains, or even a field of flowers. I’ve made this list for you with all the spots I’ve found that work great for couples sessions! Make sure to read to the end, because my favorite spot is last!

Collage of the best locations for couples photography in Portland

1. Couples photos in a field of flowers near Portland

Obviously, this isn’t available all year round, but if you can book when it’s in bloom, it’s absolutely stunning! I wrote more about this location in a previous blog post if you want to learn more about it.
Best time: This field works at sunset and is in bloom from late May to early July. If it’s overcast, we can get away with a morning session here.

couple dancing in a filed of flowers with power lines behind them - Best Couples Photography Locations
couple kissing in a location with a field of flowers near Portland

2. Rocky river location with a bridge

This is a great spot if you don’t want to do a ton of walking because the areas I use are pretty close to the parking lot. You can find, a rocky riverbank, plenty of logs to get cozy on, a really cool bridge, and plenty of trees. Sometimes there are even random flowers here. If the weather is warm enough, you can even swim here. If you’d like to see a family session done at this location, check out this blog post.
Best time: Because of where the sun is, this location works best for sunset or sunrise sessions in the spring, summer, and early fall. Other times of the year, the sun is in a weird spot and it just doesn’t work. BUT if it’s going to be overcast, any time of the year works!

Couple smiling and cuddling together with bridge in background near Portland Oregon
couples photography locations - couple kissing by a river
couples session - laughing couple hugging

3. Best mountain view location for couples

Here, we get to walk down a long staircase and then get to a sandy area with gorgeous mountain views in all directions. You can also walk out to the river and if it’s warm enough, get in! It’s truly beautiful, and only 15-20 minutes from Portland. If it has been raining a lot, you will want to bring rain boots to get through some puddles that can block the pathway.
Best time: You can only walk down into the sandy area in late summer-early winter so that is the best time. Other times of the year, the river fills up so it doesn’t work very well as a good photography location then.

couple holding each other with river behind them near portland oregon
natural light couples photographer
Man kissing womans cheek - best locations for couples sessions
Couple embracing with thier image reflected in a puddle - locations for couples photography

4. Romantic couples photography at the Oregon Coast

I realize this location is a bit far from Portland, but if you’re up for it, the coast makes a gorgeous backdrop for couples photography. One of my favorite spots is near Rockaway and it has tons of really cool driftwood, plus a jetty that helps to filter the sun. Another of my favorites is near Cannon Beach with tons of great rock formations and even a forest backdrop for variety. For more info on these types of sessions, check my Oregon Coast page.

Best time: If you want a better chance for nice weather, Spring-Summer is ideal for sessions at the Oregon coast. But really any time of the year is beautiful. During the fall I am usually too booked up to make this work for my schedule. Spring is great if you don’t mind cooler temps because there are usually fewer clouds. When it gets really hot in Portland, it typically gives the coast a cloud cover that blocks the sun. But really, you just never know. Cloudy days at the coast are beautiful, too.

Couples photos at ecola state park near seaside
best locations for couples photography near Portland oregon- couple on the beach with the sun setting behind them - amazing sunset

5. Faux beaches for couples sessions near Portland

Maybe driving all the way to the coast isn’t in the cards for you. That’s okay, I know of a couple river spots closer to Portland that will make you think you’re at the beach! I think that water features make one of the best locations for a couples photography session.

-Faux beach one-

Best time: Sunrise works best during the fall and early winter for this spot because the sun rises over the water at that time. And the fog here is always gorgeous if you catch it. Sunsets here work in the spring as long as the weather isn’t hot. Once it warms up, this location is packed with people in the afternoons.

landscape image of the sun rising over a river with ducks
couple cuddling and laughing together
couple sitting on a rock with river behind

-Faux beach two-

Best time: You can’t go wrong with sunsets at this location, it works any time of the year! In the summer, it does get crowded so maybe not summer 😉

Couple embracing at a river location - Portland oregon couples photography
Couple holding hands on the beach

6. My favorite location for couples photography near Portland: Vistas in the Columbia River Gorge

Yes, driving out to the gorge is my favorite when it comes to couples sessions! The views are amazing, and it gives you that adventure aspect. This particular location is about a 10-15 minute walk to get to the absolute best view, but we stop along the way because there are plenty of great backdrops here. All the cliffs, rock formations, views of the river, and beautiful trees make this place very versatile and unique. I do charge a small travel fee for this spot, as it’s about 45-50 minutes from Portland. See a full couples session at this location.
Best time: Literally any time of the year is great for sunset sessions. Sunrise only works from late May-early July because of where the sun is in relation to the mountains.

beautiful couple kissing with the eind blowing and the columbia river gorge in the background - best couples photography locations
couple holding hands with a mountain in the background - best couples locations
black and white image of a couple laughing together with river behind them

Booking your couples photography session

If you’re interested in booking your own couples photography session with me at one of the best locations near Portland, you can see my pricing, check my availability on my booking calendar, or message me if you have questions first. I can’t wait to meet you and plan your session! And if you didn’t know, I also have a client closet filled with women’s dresses if you’d like to borrow anything for your session!

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