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What to Wear to Your Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

What to Wear to Your Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

So you’re pregnant and still trying to do all the things plus plan a lifestyle newborn photography session, and figuring out what to wear is just one more thing on your list. I’m here to make it easy, so don’t stress! Below are some tips for you that will really help. And I’m always here to help plan and give suggestions!

Mom holding baby at newborn photography session

Tip #1: Make use of my Client Closet

Seriously, I buy way too much clothing so please, please use it! I pick out items that specifically look great in photos. All you have to do is tell me what sizes you’re looking for and I’ll e-mail you what I have. I’ll also help you figure out what will look best together.

In-Home Newborn photos with family of five in Happy Valley, Oregon

Tip #2: Dress nice, but not TOO nice

You want to dress nicer than you would normally, but you still want to look like you’re hanging at home so don’t wear suits and evening gowns, ya’know?

Newborn baby looking at camera, laying on knit blanket

Tip #3: Mix patterns, textures, and solids

To create interest, you want to have a nice mixture of solid colors, textured articles of clothing, and patterns. Textures I love are gauzy or crepe fabrics, knits, chambray, and lace. Stay away from tiny patterns, like small checkered prints, as they tend to look trippy in photographs. I’d recommend finding a pattern (florals are always nice) and using the colors in the pattern for the other members of the family. And you can always throw in some neutral colors anywhere you like. In the photo above, there is the perfect example and all of that is from my client closet and available to borrow!

Here are a few options I’ve put together using clothing from my client closet:

This first set has lots of neutrals with a few warm pops of color that all look amazing together. 2 of the dresses are lace, and all items have some kind of texture to them, which looks really good in photos. The boys would just wear jeans or khakis or something.

example of what to wear for your photography session - warm colors
Clothing set out in a great combo - Free People and Joyfolie dresses

I started with mom’s Free People dress and chose the little girl’s dress because of the pink in the flowers. Dad’s shirt is a blue chambray which goes with pretty much anything, and he could wear it with some khaki or brown pants. The little boy’s outfit is nice and neutral. I love this little newborn outfit I got on Etsy, and the lace will look amazing with the other outfits.

clothing laid on a bed | Jamie Kay dress,  zara shirt, Roolee dress

I decided to go a bit monochrome for this set, using different shades of coral and pinks. I threw in a gray sweater for dad, but a cream colored Henley would also look amazing here. Baby will be loosely wrapped in a floral swaddle blanket. I’ve used 2 different patterns here, but they look great together so it works!

Tip #4: Keep it light

Choose light and medium colors, and avoid dark colors. Also avoid colors that are too bright because they can cast colors onto skin (never wear neon for photos.). Usually photographing indoors can get dark in places, so you want to bring in as much light as possible. Wearing dark colors make photos look darker than they should be. I especially don’t love black in large doses, as it dulls photos and the details get lost in the darkness.

Baby in crib during lifestyle newborn photography session

Tip #5: Avoid words and logos

Words and logos can be distracting, and we want all the focus on your family. The only time when you might want some words is if you have a cute or funny onesie you’d like to use in a few shots.

Mom holding newborn baby

Tip #6: Remember to accessorize

It’s smart to have a few baby accessories on hand like headbands, hats, and swaddles. But I will bring some, as well. Also, don’t forget the accessories for the family. A necklace or some pretty rings would add some interest to your session. Just make sure not to go overboard!

Learn More About What to Wear to Your Next Photo Session

If you want to read more about styling, check out my What To Wear page. It has suggestions on where to shop and lots of good tips and examples.

Here’s more blog posts I wrote on the subject:

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You can also get inspiration from my Pinterest Board where I pin outfits I think would look great in photos.

Hopefully you’ve found this useful and I’ve sparked some ideas for how to dress at your next lifestyle newborn photography session. Leave a comment below and let me know your favorite tip!

Interested in booking a lifestyle newborn photography session with me? Find out more about the packages I offer or message me to book!

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  1. I raise my hands to tip #3!!! Solids with texture, neutrals that all look food together creates a great backdrop to a new baby family photo. After all, the main subject is the peoples faces. Lets let them shine!!! (close second is the no logos!!!). Thanks for the great article!

  2. I love the photos taken from this newborn photography session! The clothes you choose too are beautiful with gorgeous textures and colors. I wish I would have done something like this when my little girl was born.

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