Super windy photo session in Portland

2020 Annual Client Dundie Awards | Portland Oregon Photography

Photography Client Superlative Awards 2020

I’m wrapping up the year in a new way and starting a fun tradition for my photography clients! I think we can all agree that a lot of 2020 sucked no matter if you lived here in Portland, Oregon or elsewhere, so lets end it with smiles on our faces! And if you watch The Office, you know what the Dundie Awards are (and if you don’t, you’re going to need to fix that, stat!!). Basically they’re silly superlative awards. I had too many clients to give everyone an award, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t get one. I just couldn’t think of something clever, or my super top secret panel of judges (my kids ????) didn’t choose yours when they had to be my tie breakers. On with my Annual Photography Client Dundie Awards!

Happiest Boy Award

Let’s get this started with a category that will make you smile! There were lots of happy kids this year, so this one was tough. But this guy gave me the most genuine laughter and just had so much fun. I mean, look at that smile!

happiest boy laughing with his parents in Portland, Oregon

Best Poo Face Award

When a child has to poo basically the entire session, but still gives you amazing photos, you give him an award. Lol.

Family of five at the beach on the Oregon coast

Most Obsessed With Me Award

Jessica has booked four photography sessions with me this year, all within three months of each other. Girl, why you so obsessed with me? Haha! Jessica is hilarious and is always sending me memes on Instagram, so the sense of humor is strong with her. I know I can get away with poking fun at her ????????. Anyway, here’s a photo from each of her adorable sessions this year.

Family in a field of flowers in Portland Oregon

Funniest Face Award

I left this one up to those super secret judges I told you about. I can’t even handle this hilariousness ????.

Parents holding toddler girl making funny face

Windiest Session Award

Some people may think that having tons of wind is a bad thing, but I personally love it! Embrace the wind, it makes everything look more romantic!

Super windy photo session in Portland

Major Quack Award

There were so many ducks at this location! Not only on the ground, but flying overhead at the perfect time! Thanks ducks!

Family sitting on rocks with ducks flying overhead

Boogie Award

You thought this was going to be about boogers, didn’t you? This award goes to the family who danced the most. Lots of families have danced it out with me this year, but these girls with their swishy dresses spent the most time dancing and twirling.

Family dancing together in maxi dresses near Portland

Broadway Award

I’m convinced this girl belongs on Broadway. That is all.

Little girl in a field of flowers with her hands on her heart

Best Fall Foliage

This spot was particularly amazing, and I didn’t even know it was going to be there! We had planned to do the session at a park down the road but when I got there, I saw this row of trees and changed my mind. We did the entire session right here and it was beautiful!

Fall family photos in yellow leaves

Best Spring Flowers

I did quite a few sessions at this wildflower field, but this was the first one I did there and I just love the combo of the purple, orange, and green!

Portland Oregon mommy and me session in a field of wildflowers

Slushie Award

Talk about a wet and muddy location! This family were real troopers, adventuring under the wood pilings to get around a huge puddle blocking our path to get to the best spots. Their boys loved it!

Muddy family session in the gorge in Oregon

Highest Jump Award

I don’t even remember why she was jumping, but I love that she did. And her family thought it was pretty funny, too!

Family walking while toddler jumps in the air

Most Tickles Award

Tickles really bring out the laughter, and I love when families have fun with it and give everyone a chance to be tickled! Lol.

Family tickling each other in Portland Oregon

Most Fun Dad Award

So many fun dads this year, but I had to go with this guy! He is hilarious, kind, silly, and knows how to get his family laughing.

Fun family laughing together

Most Energetic Toddler Award

This adorable girl just wanted to run, splash in the water even though it was cold out, be thrown in the air, and anything that involved movement.

Little girl running and splashing - Portland Photographer

Sweetest Siblings Award

The age gap won’t stop these two from being best friends, they are so cute together and this girl is an incredible big sis!

Sigblings together, older sister holding up her baby brother and smiling at him

Fairy-Tale Parents Award

These two. How romantic are they? I just love getting couples shots for the parents during family sessions and these two BROUGHT IT.

Couple looking at each other and looking amazing

Best Dressed

Okay, I can’t even decide this one! There were so many great outfits created this year, so I showed my super fashionista daughter and let her choose! But she couldn’t decide, either. ???????? These are the three she chose.

Three photos of families looking great in amazing outfits

Best Landscape Award

Obviously I couldn’t pick just one, we have too many amazing views in Portland, Oregon for photography! So here’s a little collage of some of my favorites.

Collage of a bunch of family and couples photos with beautiful landscapes near Portland Oregon

I hope you enjoyed the 2020 Annual Client Dundie Awards! Did you see yourself on here? Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!

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  1. Beautiful photogrAphs and what a fun Way to share yiur favorites. The PROFESSIONAL photos we had taken tHis year are such treaSures. My FAMILY Of three is the beat gift and having someOne caPture this Love brIngs me gReat joY!

  2. Love the adorable sibling photos! The age gap captured in each frame is absolute perfection, creating a beautiful narrative of their unique bond. Your keen eye for those heartwarming moments between siblings is truly commendable, turning ordinary scenes into extraordinary memories. The genuine sweetness and connection that radiate from each photograph are a testament to your skill in capturing the essence of family love.

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