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How Does Outdoor Family Newborn Photography Work during Covid?

Getting newborn photos safely during Covid-19

So you want to have beautiful photos of your family and your newborn baby, and you should be able to have that! But how do you accomplish that safely right now during a pandemic? How can we stay safe and make it beautiful and carefree at the same time? Have your photo session outdoors! Lifestyle family newborn photography is what I am all about, and we can do that in such a beautiful way outdoor at sunrise or sunset somewhere around the Portland, Oregon area.

Outdoor Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Safely Posing During Your Newborn Session

First of all, I will always wear a mask during the entire newborn session for extra precaution. But just the fact that we are outside makes it pretty safe because it seems like the best place to be right now! I won’t be touching or posing baby, but luckily lifestyle newborn photography is less about posing and more about connection between family members, movement, and real moments. I’ll direct your family with my words and actions if needed and when it’s time to photograph baby alone, I’ll tell you what to do. My style is very relaxed so I don’t do extensive posing anyway. I like to keep it natural.

Can We Style Our Family With Your Client Closet?

As far as clothing, accessories and blankets go, it is up to you if you want to use any of my items or if you’d rather bring your own. I always wash all clothing and blankets ahead of time if you do decide to use any. The wrinkles will be steamed out of any clothing you decide to borrow from my client closet so they are ready to go! I have a collection of headbands that I can bring if requested, as well. We will discuss all of this once you’ve booked your session and make the best decisions for your family. Either way, I will help you through the styling process so you all look amazing.

Outdoor Family Newborn Photography During Covid-19

When Should We Book Our Newborn Session?

Typically you would book your newborn session within the first 14 days if you want a sleepy baby. But I also love when babies are a little older and can really connect with their family. Awake babies are great! It just depends on what you prefer, but if waiting a bit for mom to recover and having an older newborn sounds good to you, then definitely do that.

Outdoor family newborn photos in portland oregon

What Time of Day is Best For Outdoor Newborn Photography?

I book all my outdoor family newborn photography sessions around sunset or sunrise. The reason for this is that we want that beautiful, golden sunlight that you get when the sun is closer to the horizon. The farther the sun moves up into the sky, the harsher the shadows get and the stronger the sunlight is. Especially for newborns, you don’t want them out in the harsh sunlight for too long, so going around sunset or sunrise is the safest time for them to be outside for an hour or two. And if the day ends up overcast (this is Portland, it’s bound to happen!), then we can move your session a bit further away from sunset/sunrise.

Outdoor lifestyle newborn photos in Portland
portland family newborn session
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How Can We Book Our Portland Outdoor Newborn Photography Session With You?

Oh, I’m SO glad you asked! ????????

You can take a look at my newborn packages on my Pricing page, just scroll past family pricing and you’ll get to the newborn section. And when you’re ready to book, fill out the form on my Contact page and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

newborn baby photography portland oregon

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  1. I had baby 3 in June 2020 – I was gutted at the thought of missing out on some new born photos. This is such a great way to make it happen!

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