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How to Do Your Makeup & Style Your Hair for Photos | Tips From Professional Stylists

If you’ve booked a family or couples photo session but are wondering how to style your hair or do your own makeup for your photos, I’ve got all the tips! I have asked my very favorite Vancouver, WA makeup and hairstyling team, Anny Chow and Andy Tseng from Anny Chow Bridal to put together some awesome pointers for getting ready on the day of your photo session, and here are their recommendations!

How to Do Your Makeup for Your Photo Session

Less is More 

I am a firm believer that you have to feel good to look good, therefore, it’s important for my clients to feel like themselves when being photographed. Getting makeup done for family or couples photos is not about transformation in my opinion. Makeup is there to enhance the features to help my client to look the best version of themselves.

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Dewy vs Semi Matte

While dewy skin with a lot of highlights is trendy these days, I personally think semi-matte complexion photographs the best. Using too much highlights could make the skin look oily or greasy and potentially create flashback. Also, highlights could make the skin texture look more visible.

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Go Easy with Powder 

Powder is usually used at the end of makeup application to set the makeup. It’s an important step to make sure the makeup is set, however, using too much powder could make skin texture, such as fine lines and wrinkles, more visible. Too much powder makes the makeup looks cakey. It’s also important to understand the difference between setting powder and finishing powder. Setting powder is used to set the makeup so the makeup can last longer. Finishing powder is used to blur and smooth out imperfections. 

Applying powder using a fluffy brush instead of a puff could prevent using too much product. 

Also, choosing a foundation that’s self-setting and using makeup setting spray are other great ways to set the makeup without using too much powder. 

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How to Style Your Hair for Family or Couples Photos

Create Volume to Have Fuller Looking Hair

Blow drying the hair is the first step to good hair styling. Professional hair stylists who specialize in styling have mastered the skill to create volume and effortless texture. If you plan to style your hair yourself, try flipping your hair and drying it from the back with a bristle brush. This is the easiest DIY way to get the most height and volume when you do it at home yourself.

Use the Right Hair Product When Styling 

Choosing the right hair product for your hair type is an important step to ensure long-lasting style. Understand the difference between working spray and setting spray. Never use the strong hold setting spray to style your hair because it will look stiff and curls will look hard and crunchy. Choose a working spray instead that works best for your hair type. Always smooth out the hair with a brush before curling or flat ironing. 

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Tame the Flyaways

Use shine spray or serum to eliminate flyaways. This is especially important in the colder PNW months when there can be more moisture in the air.

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If you enjoyed this article on how to style your hair and do your makeup for photos, make sure to give Anny Chow Bridal a follow on Instagram! And definitely consider booking them to do your makeup and hair for your next photo session with me! I hired them for my own family photos this year and I can tell you that they are amazing at what they do! And if you haven’t scheduled your photos with me yet, fill out the form on my contact page and we will start planning it together!

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