2021 Annual Client Dundie Awards

If you enjoyed these last year, they are back! In honor of one of my favorite shows, The Office, I’ve created some fun Dundie Awards for my clients from the past year. Basically, they are superlatives. I definitely didn’t have enough time to include everyone in this blog post, so don’t feel sad if you’re not in here. I still loved your session! I just either couldn’t think of an award for you or I ran out of room because this post can’t go on forever ????. Hope you enjoy and that it brings a smile to your face!

Unique Clouds Award

There were tons of cool clouds this past year but this particular sky really amazed me. There had been some wildfires around that time and some of the smoke was still in the air, which helped to keep the sky so golden.

Best Hair

I could honestly give this to so many people but I chose these two because… well I don’t think an explanation is needed.

Best Outtake

Sometimes some pretty silly things happen during photo sessions like… baby drool dripping right into a mom’s mouth. Ha.

Most Nerve-Wracking

These two were on a vacation here in Oregon and Chase hired me to photograph his proposal and take couples photos. The weather also decided to mess with us and we had to change the location last minute, but then we got a rainbow so it all worked out!

Cutest Pout Award

I mean… look at this cuteness. So funny. And she was happy about 2 seconds later ????

Orangesicle Sky Award

It’s always worth it to hike to the top of a mountain if you get skies like this! This was the first day of December and it was a little chilly out but you wouldn’t know it looking at these. The orange sky tricks you into thinking it’s warm out, haha.

Expressive Eyes Award

Obsessed with both of these toddlers’ eyes.

Highest Toss

Both of these dads performed an expertly executed throw and catch.

Fastest Kid

This little guy was all about racing his cars around the living room floor, but he did a great job cuddling his new baby, too.

Most obsessed with me

Last year the family who got this award booked 4 sessions but this year topped it at 5 sessions! Natasha asked me to photograph her adorable daughter in every season out at their new property. And the last session was an in-home newborn session as they added another sweet girl to their family!

Hottest Session of the Year

Okay, I mean this in two ways. This was literally the hottest session I did this year as far as temperature goes. But also look at these two! Their chemistry is off the charts.

Most Festive

I loved all their Christmas decorations in this room so I ran up the stairs to get a shot from above to show it all off.

Favorite silhouette 

As you can see, I can’t make a decision but it’s obvious that I really love silhouettes at the beach.

Sunniest Sunrise

In the fall, I offer sunrise as an option and sometimes we get really lucky and the sun comes out to play! This location required a 10-15 minute hike to get to but was it worth it? Absolutely!

Exhausted Dad Award

The poor guy just wanted to sleep but he was a trooper and waited till after the session for a much-needed nap!

The Smoke Award

The sky was perfectly clear all day, and then about 30 minutes before this family’s photos, the smoke from some wildfires blew in. Luckily it created a pretty unique and dramatic sky. I loved it!

Most Carefree Beach Session

Well, this was tough because I’ve had lots of playful and fun beach sessions, but I chose the lovely Noel and her two kids for this. Noel is such a free spirit and was super present with her kids the entire time. They danced, they looked for shells, and they sat together and enjoyed the salty ocean air. It even rained on us a bit and nothing phased them.

Tightest Hug Award

Gotta love this big family squish!

The Most Boys

It was a toss-up between my long-time client Heather who I’ve been photographing since her second boy was in her belly and my long-time photographer bestie Claudia. Both have a house full of boys! Five to be exact (if you count their husbands).

Best Kiss

You thought this would be a couple, but you thought wrong! Cutest kiss ever!

The “You’re Raining on my Parade” Award

Both of these sessions got some surprise rain! The forecast showed that it wasn’t supposed to rain at the time of their photos but like all of us Oregonians know, the weather report is almost always wrong ???? The rain does look beautiful, though.

The Most Likes Award

This photo got the most likes on my Instagram EVER so I thought it deserved an award. Gotta love those late fall sunsets in the Columbia River Gorge.

I hope you enjoyed this year’s superlatives! See you again next time!

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