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        Welcome to my blog, where you can see recent and past photo sessions, updates, and some of my personal photos. Hopefully you devour it like a plate of blueberry pancakes!

        February 25, 2018

        Womack Family

        I'm so glad this family hired me as their photographer because we had the best time together! We had originally met at a festival in the early September, so when they contacted me about getting photos...
        February 24, 2018

        Flower Crowns and More Bribery

        I bribed my daughter with the promise of an LOL Doll if she modeled these headbands for me tonight. Haha. It worked, though, and we had a great time laughing at funny words like "toilet" and cracking ...
        Portland Oregon Child Photographer February 23, 2018

        Meet My New Little Friends

        This girl was my new best friend from the moment she hopped out of the car  The little boy took a little bit longer to get comfortable with me, but he was giving me hugs by the end of our se...
        Portland Oregon Child Photographer February 21, 2018

        Playing with Light

        Living here in Portland, Oregon during the winter is difficult for us moms who just want their kids to play outside! So when we get a semi-nice day where the kids can enjoy our backyard, we take advan...
        February 11, 2018

        Grimes Family In-Home Lifestyle Session

        The Grimes family invited me into their home, let me rearrange their furniture, baked scones (which I totally ate at the end!), read stories, cuddled and danced. I can imagine that this is how a typic...
        January 20, 2018

        Sunset Family Session

        We went on a little adventure by a lake for this session, and their oldest girl loved it! She wasn't shy and really hammed it up for my camera. The baby girl loved to look at my smiling face, so ...
        January 5, 2018

        A Hogan Family Christmas

        During this in-home session, we started out nice and calm with some reading on the couch, then decorated cookies and THEN ate Voodoo Doughnuts on the bed. As you can imagine, the girls had tons of ene...
        January 1, 2018

        Giveaway & Winter Lifestyle Special

        I've decided to start 2018 off with an awesome giveaway! Enter below to win an in-home lifestyle family session with me this winter! One winner* will receive a 1 hour session in their own home and t...
        December 29, 2017

        Fun and Games with the Es-Sahb Family

        I was pretty dang excited to get to photograph this family because I used to work with Michele but hadn't hung out with her for about a year. I had only seen her family on Facebook, so it was great to...
        December 28, 2017

        Pancakes, Cuddles and Chickens

        Sometimes I meet a family and just know instantly that we are going to get along insanely well. The Sherman's are one of those families! They greeted me with a hug, made me pancakes, and laughed at al...
        December 27, 2017

        The Chase Family

        This session was especially wonderful because I got to photograph my former boss! She was the Principal at the elementary school I was working at last year, and we both moved on to different schools w...
        November 21, 2017

        Candy Shop Adventures

        When I suggested that the Tiller family meet me in Gresham, Oregon for their family photo session, they loved the idea. What little boys don't want to pick out candy at a candy store? With the promise...
        Portland Oregon Child Photographer October 13, 2017

        Flower Crowns and Flowy Dresses

        These three sisters were tons of fun and had me smiling the whole time. We met out at a beautiful spot in Gresham, Oregon with some hiking trails and tons of tall trees. The youngest was super goofy, ...
        October 13, 2017

        Yes, I Bribe My Kids

        It's hard to get your kids to do what you ask and actually take a nice photo when you are a photographer. I am constantly using my kids as guinea pigs when I find a new location or get a fun idea that...
        September 20, 2017

        Hugs, Dancing, Laughter and Snakes

        Within the first 5 minutes of meeting this family out in Gresham, Oregon, I was already having an amazing time. We were getting in position for a family photo at the beginning of the session, and a ti...