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We’ve all been there. Spent so much time on planning a model call, asked the family to wear nice clothes, chose a great location… but it turns out the entire session is a waste because they didn’t understand your vision at all. Or maybe you post a model call and it’s just crickets. So frustrating.

I’ve written a 13 page Model Call Guide that is PACKED with info to help you avoid this same thing happening to you.

The Inner Light Collection Lightroom presets are for photographers who want to keep colors bright, while still giving your subjects creamy and glowing skin tones. These were specifically made with lifestyle photographers in mind. They have been tested on images taken in all kinds of natural light and will bring out the best in your photos in all conditions. Versatile and beautiful, these are the answer to your editing crisis (we all go through one at least once a year, am I right?).



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