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Helping other photographers is one of my favorite things! I have such a passion for family lifestyle photography and it makes me so happy to share my knowledge with others by mentoring to help their skills and businesses grow.

I’m laid-back, full of jokes, and love making new friends. I will give advice with the intention of helping you grow, and I promise to be honest but kind.

I'm Becca, your new photographer best friend.

I can't wait to get to know you, but first: here's a bit about me! I earned a Bachelor’s Degree back in 2005 for Visual Communication, which includes graphic design, photography, web design, and illustration. Photography has been a big part of my life since I was a teenager but I started dabbling in family photography in 2010 and got serious about running a business in 2014 when I figured out that lifestyle photography was where my heart was. I now run a successful six-figure photography business, have figured out my ideal client and how to attract them, and am an expert at blogging, SEO, and websites. I know how to communicate in a kind but professional way to ensure each client has an amazing experience. I have learned the hard way what works and what doesn't work and am ready to share that advice with you! Having a photography mentor will speed up the learning process and give your business the jump start it needs so grab your mentoring session and let's get started!

Kind Words

"I found Becca’s teaching to be extremely useful in giving me the knowledge to take my business to the next level. Her many years of experience in this industry are an incredible resource. I am so happy I decided to work with her, it was an inspiring and motivating experience!"

"I had a great experience with Becca’s mentoring session. She gave me so much advice that I could take straight into action. She elevated my business and helped me grow. Her teaching style is so easy to follow and I love that she gave me specific tasks and named each area of my business I needed to work on. She is very professional but also super friendly and fun to work with!"

"Becca is super knowledgeable about the family photography business. Not only is she super experienced, but she is incredibly generous in sharing all she knows. She helped me a ton with updates to my website, SEO, mail lists, automations, marketing and some many other things. The best part is that she is a really cool human and so wonderful to talk to. She never makes you feel like you are asking a stupid question. I highly recommend learning from her."

— Lisa M.

— Eva C.

— Evelynne G.

Things we might discuss include:


Successful model calls

Client closets

Creative shooting techniques

Lighting (golden hour or overcast)

Location scouting


Family lifestyle posing

Prepping clients

Portfolio review

Outdoor newborn

Maternity posing

Your website/website review

SEO (getting found on Google)

Finding and booking clients



Setting up 17hats

Communicating your value effectively

Editing with screen sharing


Effective blogging

Email marketing

Client experience

Mentoring packages and pricing

One 1-Hour Mentoring Session

Two 1-Hour Mentoring Sessions

Four 1-Hour Mentoring Sessions

We will spend one hour chatting over Zoom. You'll fill out a questionnaire ahead of time to help figure out what we should discuss and you'll get targeted feedback at the end with personalized goals and next steps. Your meeting will be recorded and sent to you so you won't need to take notes while we talk.

Not only will you get two separate Zoom sessions with me, you'll also get my Lightroom presets as an added bonus! Schedule your first session now and we will get the second scheduled later (anytime within 2 months of your first).

These are a deep dive into whatever aspects of your photography business you feel you need help on that only a couple of hours is just not enough for. We can schedule these weekly or biweekly and I'll give you personalized homework after each meeting so you know exactly what steps you need to take. Book the first session now and I'll be in touch to schedule the rest. Presets included for free.







Schedule it!

Schedule it!

Schedule it!


Decide on the package that is right for you and click the "Schedule it!" button above to purchase a family photography mentoring session with me. Yay! I can't wait to get to know you!


Once you schedule your mentoring session, you'll get a questionnaire where you'll be able to tell me what your struggles are, where you excel, and what topics you'd like to focus on during your time with me.


Get on your comfiest PJs, no need to dress up for me! Grab a cup of coffee (or tea), find a quiet space, and get ready to discuss all things photography! I'm an open book!


After we have our mentoring session, I'll be emailing you a list of goals tailored to you that I think you should work towards to better your skills and/or business. I'll be checking in to see how it's going!

"I have only had one mentoring session with Becca and it was chock full of lessons learned, valuable insights, and next steps. I was ready to add video to my skill list and Becca  was so open in sharing her experiences, things she learned along the way (even the hard lessons), and ideas for how I can improve my videography skills. She helped me understand some of the nuances of my camera settings to things I could do differently during the shoot to get the best video possible for editing. She encouraged me to jump in and make some magic happen. Our conversation was easy…like two friends chatting over coffee. After our mentor session, I jumped into editing my first video. I shared it with Becca and her words of encouragement and support were so good for my soul. I’m super appreciative of the time I had with her prior to editing my first video and even more appreciative of her support after creating my first video. Becca, thank you for sharing your knowledge and for your support!!"

- Jennifer H.

Still have questions?

Fill out this form and I'll get back to you ASAP! Or you can schedule your Zoom chat above if you're ready now.